Feeding Time

Feeding time for this slave! The Ladies are quite generous today, as they decide to feed the slave their spit. Over and over, the ladies drop thick loads of spit into the slaves waiting mouth and he gratefully swallows all of their female waste.

Wait For The Slap

Mistress Antonia and Dawn decide to relieve some stress by face slapping their worthless degradation slave. Kneeling before them, the slave take hard slaps over and over right to the face from both ladies. Both ladies look very hot today, with Mistress Antonia wearing a nice skirt, boots and fishnet stockings, and Dawn wearing some skin tight booty shorts that bring out the best in her ass. The poor slave won’t be able to enjoy any of it though as his vision is blurred from the flurry of face slaps!

I Need Sex

Dawn is relaxing, watching tv. But she feels the urge building, the urge for sex. She gets up and walks over to the dark dungeon. After turning on the lights we see a sex slave bound to the table and ready to be used for her needs. She informs him that she will use him to get herself off. ‘Say yes Ma’am!’ she says to make sure the slave understands. After some brief pussy licking to lube herself up, she mounts the slave and begins to fuck him. ‘You better not fucken cum!’ she sternly reminds the slave! This is after all for her pleasure and not his. She fucks and fucks until she has her climax. The slave of course gets none. Satisfied, she sweetly tells the slave ‘now stay here until I come back’, and walks out, not caring that the poor slave remains frustrated and unsatisfied. No matter, he will have to wait until she feels the need for sex again!

Trained To Be A Bitch

If this slave is going to earn money for the ladies as their whore, then he must be trained. So the two ladies let loose filling both of his holes, fucking him from both ends with no mercy. Mistress Antonia relentlessly pounds the strap-on in his ass while Dawn fucks his mouth. The girls are having a great time at the slaves expense and casually talk about selling their whore. ‘Your life is all about fucking and sucking’ Mistress Antonia tells the slave as his endless whore training continues.

Oral Pleasure For Her

Dawn is watching a do it yourself show on tv, but she decides she doesn’t want to do it herself. Instead she calls her bitch over to do the work, to lick her pussy until she climaxes. The slave gets to work as Dawns whip guides him. ‘Suck on it harder’ she commands and the slave does his best. ‘Harder!’ she says and whips the slave to make sure he obeys. Dawn just lies back and enjoys herself, whipping the poor slave as he does his best to please her. ‘Did I say you could get off that pussy?’ she yells and whips the slave hard when he dares to slow down. When she’s finally satisfied she kicks the slave away and says ‘Go away, I don’t need you anymore’. The slave goes back to his chores and Dawn resumes comfortably watching tv.

Pussy Licking Break

Another real life behind the scenes peak with Brittany! I heard the whip going in the dungeon so I wandered in with my video camera in hand. Of course, the ever horny Brittany was using the sex slave yet again. It was quite the sight, she was lounging ever so comfortably while the slaves tongue was feverishly toiling away to please her! The oral adoration lasted a really long time, but alas Brittany only let me video just a few minutes of it. Still, this is another fascinating behind the scenes peak at what its like to be a real life sex slave. In case you’re wondering, she did not give the slave any release after she was satiated.

Stroke On Command

Mistress Antonia’s unfortunate humiliation slave once again had his orgasm fate handed to one of her friends. Previously, Marie ruined his only chance for orgasm and laughed while doing it. This time Dawn is given control of the slave, and gets to control him any way she wants. She teases and taunts the poor slave mercilessly making him stroke, stop and beg for more over and over again. She uses her perfect body to torment him, showing him her boobs and putting her perfect ass right in his face. ‘I want you to smell my asshole’ she commands while the poor slave strokes, but is not allowed to cum. He gets more and more desperate and starts repeatedly begging ‘May I please cum?’ to which Dawn sternly replies ‘No.’. This goes on and on until she eventually grants the slave permission to cum. But just as the slave begins to orgasm, she pulls his hand away. Poor slave, yet another ruined orgasm. Maybe one day the ladies will let him enjoy it. For now, another week to wait!

Feed From My Ass

After seeing how comfortable Sophie was with her slave, Mistress Antonia decides to leave the slave to her while she is out for the day. Once Mistress Antonia leaves, Sophie gets right down to business. She starts making a list of chores for the slave to do for the day while she nibbles on some pretzels. But Sophie isn’t without mercy. She realizes the slave is hungry and decides to kindly feed him. She puts a pretzel deep in her ass and has the slave dig in with his tongue to fetch his food and eat it. Over and over the feeding continues, as the slave eats the food Sophie buries in her ass. She even makes the slave lick her clean to make sure no crumbs remain on her asshole. How lucky can a slave get?

Pussy Worship

Having finished chatting on the phone with her girlfriend, Sophie now has the slave pleasure her by licking her pussy. With her whip in hand she doesn’t spare the slave any pain as his tongue does it’s best to please her. Sophie lies back and relaxes in total comfort while the slave works, whipping his back when his efforts fail to please her. Sophie looks so hot in this clip!

Beg For It

It’s been a very long time since the slave has been allowed to cum. So, Sophie decides to bind him to the dungeon table and use her body to torment the poor slave. She casually strokes the slaves penis and stops, puts her boob right in the slaves face and makes him beg for pleasure. ‘Would you like to touch my ass?’ she sweetly asks. ‘Beg for it’ she then sternly says. The slave must learn that he must beg for any pleasure. Sophie acts so sweet yet so horribly cruel as she keeps the slave on the edge. ‘Would you like me to finish you off?’ she so sweetly asks as she strokes his penis. ‘Beg for it!’ she commands again, and the slave begs and begs as best he can. ‘I feel so sorry for you, you haven’t cum in so long’ Sophie teasingly adds as she kindly gives the slave pleasure by stroking his cock. ‘Beg louder’ she adds, demanding that he grovel for any attention. ‘Keep on begging otherwise I’ll stop’, those words from Sophie send the slave into a a begging frenzy. Sophie wickedly looks at the slave, loving her total control of him. Damn she looks so hot! ‘Say ‘Mistress please’ a few more times and I might just allow you to cum’ she says. ‘You ready to cum?’ Sophie asks the slave, and the slave is so ready! All of a sudden she stops and says ‘I don’t think we’ll let you cum today, maybe next week.’. Denial yet again for the poor slave! ‘See you later slave’ are Sophie’s final words as she exits the room, the slave knowing full well that she’ll be using him for her pleasure yet again later in the day.

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