Princess Avril

The second new website we launched features young Princesses who love to verbally degrade men and completely control their orgasms. Here Princess Avril talks right to the camera and controls your stroking the entire time. Will she let you cum in the end? Enjoy this clip, and to see more of these clips, visit

Giselles Chair

We have launched two new websites! The first is dedicated to the objectification of the male face as a seat for female ass, where the ladies sit on their slaves faces and completely ignore them while they go about their business. In this clip we see Giselle seated comfortably on her slaves face while she watches tv. Enjoy this clip, and to see more of these clips, visit

Filthy Soles

Nora and Sami love to walk around barefoot, but this always posed a problem. They would have to clean their feet themselves before they went back in the house! Fortunately now that they own a slave this is no longer an issue, as their slave waits for them at the patio door and thoroughly licks their feet clean before they step back in the home. Problem solved!

Swallow Her Cigarette

Julie Simone can be both soft and sensual, or hardcore and extremely demanding. One thing she does demand is to be worshipped while she smokes, and have a slave mouth available to be used as an ashtray. She also prefers to light out her cigarettes in her slaves mouth and have them swallow it when she is done. This is definitely uncomfortable for slaves to do, but they happily do it to please Julie.

Whip His Ass

Molly and Andriana are not known for their pity on male slaves. So when they pull out the whip, the slave knows he is about to endure some serious pain. Together the girls mark up this slave nicely, leaving whip scars all over him as they whip him with zero pity. In their minds he is nothing more than their slave and therefore deserves pain, and now he has their whip marks to prove it.

Food Between Her Toes

Ashli doesn

What A Pussy

Holly looks all cute and feminine, but she packs a punch! She is a muscular girl that can definitely knock a guy off his feet. That

Morning Lick

Poor Rylie is exhausted this morning. She just got up and is still a bit groggy. She calls her pet over and makes him fetch her phone, and then she has him give her a morning licking. She enjoys the oral service while she catches up on some email, and then sends the slave away to go draw her bath while so goes back to snooze a little more.

Showing Off Her Pet

There goes Pandora showing off her slave again to her friends Dani and Diana, this time showing her friends how she keeps her slave loyal with some high heel pain. The girls jointly grind their heels onto his back, and while Dani and Diana are still new to having a personal slave they find marking him with their heels quite fun!

Caring For Her Feet

Parker enjoys having a slaves tongue slather itself all over her feet. She loves hearing it slurp up all that dirt from her sole, cleaning her feet, generally she likes noisy foot worship. She also likes shoving her foot into his mouth until he almost chokes.