Poolside Service

We are indeed lucky with the fine weather we get here in LA, and the girls enjoy it every chance they get. Ruby and Eva love to lounge their delicious bodies out in the sun, and what they love even more than that is having a slave worship their feet while they bask and snooze on their beach chairs. Nothing but a lifestyle of comfort and pampering for these two gorgeous girls!

Back In Black

Ruby and Eva look so good in black, one can just sit back and stare at them all day long. What makes this scene better is the nude slave on his hands and knees in front of them while the girls take turns whipping him. His screams don

Lunch For Three

Lunch for three with Ms Bliss and Pandora means the slave brings them their food, hardboiled eggs pre-peeled for Pandora and some yogurt for Ms Bliss. The slave gets to eat as well as the girls feed him from their mouth and they leave food on their bodies for him to scoop up and consume. Ms Bliss puts some yogurt on her delicious legs while Pandora puts a bit of egg on her leg and thigh. Egg always tastes better when eaten off a female.

A Comfortable Life

A good slave tends to his owner even while she sleeps. That

Princess Avril

The second new website we launched features young Princesses who love to verbally degrade men and completely control their orgasms. Here Princess Avril talks right to the camera and controls your stroking the entire time. Will she let you cum in the end? Enjoy this clip, and to see more of these clips, visit CumCountdown.com

Giselles Chair

We have launched two new websites! The first is dedicated to the objectification of the male face as a seat for female ass, where the ladies sit on their slaves faces and completely ignore them while they go about their business. In this clip we see Giselle seated comfortably on her slaves face while she watches tv. Enjoy this clip, and to see more of these clips, visit AssOnFace.com

Filthy Soles

Nora and Sami love to walk around barefoot, but this always posed a problem. They would have to clean their feet themselves before they went back in the house! Fortunately now that they own a slave this is no longer an issue, as their slave waits for them at the patio door and thoroughly licks their feet clean before they step back in the home. Problem solved!

Swallow Her Cigarette

Julie Simone can be both soft and sensual, or hardcore and extremely demanding. One thing she does demand is to be worshipped while she smokes, and have a slave mouth available to be used as an ashtray. She also prefers to light out her cigarettes in her slaves mouth and have them swallow it when she is done. This is definitely uncomfortable for slaves to do, but they happily do it to please Julie.

Whip His Ass

Molly and Andriana are not known for their pity on male slaves. So when they pull out the whip, the slave knows he is about to endure some serious pain. Together the girls mark up this slave nicely, leaving whip scars all over him as they whip him with zero pity. In their minds he is nothing more than their slave and therefore deserves pain, and now he has their whip marks to prove it.

Food Between Her Toes

Ashli doesn