There Can Be Only One Orgasm

Nika is such a generous girl, allowing a slave to orgasm today. But only one slave is allowed to orgasm, so she makes her choice and the slave gratefully enjoys his orgasm. As for the other slave, he gets to have his balls kicked. Sounds fair to me.

Femdom Couple Part 4

It’s fun to watch this real life loving femdom couple play. Kyra loves to torment her adoring man, and here it’s his very sensitive nipples that she will play with. With him still in chastity means that Kyra has no worries, she can use and torment him as long as she wants and he will obediently comply and do whatever it takes to please her.

Back From The Gym

Often after a long workout a girl just needs to have her ass crack deeply cleaned. You know how it is, sometimes dirt gets trapped deep in there especially after having used an exercise bike for a while. So when Ruby and Eva get home they have the slave dive in between both of their cracks to lick all that filth out.

Please Slap Me

Looks like Pepper is in a bitch slapping mood today, and this bitch kneeling in front of her will be the willing recipient of her slaps. She prefers that her slaves tell her that they love her slaps and to beg her for more, but whether or not they actually do enjoy them is totally immaterial.

Cat Nap

Ahhh the quiet suburbs, the perfect outdoor situation for a very tired Ruby to snooze on a hammock. She loves to be rocked while she snoozes so the slave takes care of that for her. He is very loyal to her, and he will sit there and gently rock her hammock for as long as she snoozes to make sure she is totally comfortable.


Why are these slaves lumbering around on the floor like a couple of worms? Because the girls told them to worship their feet while they chat, hence the poor guys have to hobble around on the floor keeping their lips pressed to the girls feet. It must be really tough for the boys to follow the girls as they move around the room especially since their hands are bound behind their backs, but oh well that

Black Skin And Heels

I always wondered, would high heel trampling marks be noticeable on black skin? Well Nika graciously answered that question for me today and the answer is a definite yes.

Light My Cigarette

Samantha doesn

A Fat Slave Won

Being Ruby’s slave is an honor and privilege, and it’s not to be taken for granted. So if this slave wants to remain her pet then he will have to stay in top form. Ruby puts him through some exercises today to make sure her boy doesn’t get fat, and she uses her feet, ass and whip an encouragement to keep him in top form. The slave struggles to keep up, but being able to kiss her feet on each pushup and kiss her ass after every sit-up is definite encouragement for him to push himself. If not then Ruby’s whip provides the extra encouragement needed.

Two Feet Two Slaves