Strong Balls Competition

Mistress Antonia is hanging out with her friend Sandy when they decide to put their slaves to the test with a ball kicking competition! They line up their slaves against the wall and take turns kicking each slave directly in the balls. Over and over they kick in some of the most hardcore ball kicking you’ve ever seen! The slaves yell, scream, and occasionally almost fall to the ground, but they do their best to please their owners. ‘Stay up, you don’t wanna embarrass me’ Mistress Antonia chastises her worthless pet. On it goes until finally Sandy’s slave falls to the ground.

Just A Fuck Whore

The ladies now start making use of the slave that lost the ball kicking competition. They each get their strap-ons and begin filling all of the slaves holes. Mistress Antonia endlessly fucks the slaves ass while Sandy fucks the slaves mouth. The use him as their whore without pity with non stop fucking and verbal abuse. When the slave starts complaining Mistress Antonia immediately cuts him down, ‘I don’t wanna hear complaints, your just a fuck whore’. Sandy feels no pity either. ‘Fuck him like the bitch he is’ she says as both Ladies continue to fuck this slave non stop!

The Art Of Pain And Pleasure

With Heidi still in charge of the household, she decides to have some more fun with Mistress Antonia’s slave. With the slave bound to the table, Heidi walks in and informs the slave that she is about to teach him the art of pain and pleasure. With this gorgeous woman now getting up on the table, the poor slave doesn’t know if he should be excited or scared! Turns out its a little bit of both. In a maniacal pain and pleasure twist, oh so sexy Heidi uses her hands and mouth to pleasure the slave only to torture him every time he’s close to orgasm. ‘So you want to cum? I want to hear you beg for it’ she says as she gets the slave all excited. Her begs and begs as Heidi licks, strokes and pleasures the slaves penis. All of a sudden out of no where, she starts pounding on the slaves balls! ‘I don’t like how you begged’ she says and she smacks the slaves balls over and over again as he screams in pain. The slaves begs ‘Sorry Mistress’, only to be told ‘Take it, take the pain’. More painful slaps to the balls ensue, then all of a sudden Heidi turns sweet again and starts pleasuring the slave penis one more time. Once again the slave is brought to the edge only to be sweetly asked by Heidi ‘so do you want to cum?’ Again the slave begs for orgasm, and again Heidi turns savage, smacking his balls without mercy. ‘I said beg’ she says slapping his balls hard to make her point. Over and over she slaps the slaves balls leaving the slave dazed and confused as to what to do. Yet again as before she turns sweet and begins pleasuring him once again. Over and over Heidi pleasures and tortures the poor slave who endures so much pain to earn his pleasure. In the end with the slave begging in desperation for an orgasm, she just says ‘whatever’ and walks out, leaving the slave a begging mess. This is an unbelievable clip that you’ll want to watch over and over again!

For My Pleasure, Not Yours

With her slave bound to the wall, Heidi disrobes, gets the slave aroused and starts to fuck him. She reminds him ‘you’re not allowed to cum, this is for my pleasure’ and begins to relentlessly fuck her slave. After making use of her property, she stops and asks the slave how well he thought he performed. Thinking he did well, he says so. This incorrect answer sets Heidi off into a rage. She starts pummeling the slaves balls, yelling at the slave that she only came once! Over and over she hits the slaves balls as he begs her to stop, that he will do better next time. There’s no stopping Heidi now though as she lets loose in a flurry of hits to his balls, turning the slave into a blubbering mess. She finally walks out calling the slave ‘pathetic’. Maybe next time he’ll learn to properly please her!

Toilet Servant 3

What a lucky slave! He’s been abandoned in the bathroom, waiting until a woman needs to be cleaned. In walks sexy Heidi, sits on the toilet and has the slave worship her feet. The slave, still heavily scarred from fun earlier in the day, is very compliant and worships her feet. ‘Tongue action’ she tells the slave who does his best to comply. When she is done, she gets up says ‘Now you’re gonna clean my pussy’. She turns around and puts the slave to work thoroughly cleaning her pussy. ‘Make sure it’s nice and clean’ Heidi reminds the slave, and given the pain he’s endured at her hands so far, he isn’t likely to disappoint her. He diligently cleans, but his work is only half done. ‘Now clean my ass’ is Heidi’s next command, and the slave complies, using his tongue to tenderly clean Heidi’s anus. ‘More gentle in that area’ Heidi reminds the slave as he deep cleans her ass. Finally she says ‘Done’ and shoves the slave away, telling him ‘now stay here until I need you next’. A very erotic clip of a very intimate slave service, as Heidi’s slave uses his tongue to keep his Mistresses ass and pussy totally clean. Another clip you’ll want to let loop over and over again!

Face Fucked

With a dildo secured in this slaves mouth, his purpose is clear. Heidi mounts the slaves face and tells him to get to work pleasing her with the dildo. She rests in comfort while the slave strains his neck back and forth to please her. Heidi isn’t easily pleased though, and she tortures the slaves balls without pity, smacking them repeatedly at her whim. Over and over the strikes come, his moans of pain make no difference to her, he is her human dildo and will have to keep moving his head in and out to please her no matter what.

Just A Penis

Heidi needs sex. No problem, she just uses her slave. Sex is not in the least bit for his pleasure though, so he’s bound to a chair and blindfolded. To Heidi he is just a penis, nothing more, to be used as she sees fit. ‘It’s for me not you’ she reminds this slave as she bounces up and down on his penis, using him as her whim desires. When she is finally satisfied, she simply abandons the slave, left to be used again later when she feels the need.

Make Him Lick

Mistress Antonia furthers Marie’s training in this clip by showing her how to make a man properly lick her. Marie takes off her pants and panties, and Mistress Antonia tells the slave that he will lick her until she cums. Marie sits on the slaves face and he diligently begins orally pleasuring her. But apparently he isn’t doing a very good job. ‘He’s not doing that great’ says Marie, for which Mistress Antonia has a solution. She shows Marie how to use a mans balls as a remote control, squeezing and torturing them to make him perform better. Marie’s moans of pleasure start to increase as the slaves pain increases, teaching her that pain to a mans balls is the perfect way to get him to perform. Eventually Marie takes control of his balls and tortures them, all the while riding his face to a satisfying orgasm. A very erotic clip, with nice closeups of the slave licking away to serve his owner!

Slap His Head Off

One more training session for Marie together with Mistress Antonia, in her next clips Marie will go it alone! But in this one Mistress Antonia teaches Marie to slap a man in the face when he has disobeyed her, and to show no mercy while doing it. One of Mistress Antonia’s regular slaves has showed up for his weekly orgasm allowance, so she decides he would make a perfect humiliation test subject for Marie. The slaps start flying and boy they don’t stop! This slave gets slapped in the face by both girls so many times it’s staggering. Marie really gets into it and starts slapping him so hard you can see he has a hard time staying up. She chastises the slave and emphasizes her points by violently slapping him after each one. ‘Why didn’t you do the dishes?’ …SLAP… ‘You need to go clean my car’ …SLAP… ‘Take out the trash’ …SLAP…, over and over again. You will almost feel sorry for this slave and the two Ladies slap him with no mercy.