Clean It

After previously ruining a slaves only chance at orgasm for a whole week, Marie is now feeling more empowered. So much so that she decides to take action when a different slave forgets to replace the empty toilet paper dispenser. With a brisk slap to the face, she berates the slave and tells him ‘Now you gotta clean it’. Having just done her deed on the toilet, she now turns around and presents the slave her dirty asshole for him to lick clean. ‘Clean It!’ she commands, as Marie’s more heartless side starts coming though. ‘Do it faster’ she commands as the slaves tongue toils away to clean any remaining filth from her ass. ‘That taste good?’ she mockingly asks the slave, not caring in the least that he’s being forced to do a most degrading task. A great clip with fantastic views!

Surfing The Web

In this last clip with Marie, we see her on the computer just surfing the web. She wants some sexual attention though so she calls over the slave and says ‘Time for you to get to work, I want to relax’. The slave gets under the desk and starts licking her pussy while she casually surfs the web, mostly ignoring him. She eventually starts to get into it though and she grips the slaves head as he diligently licks away. ‘Faster’ she commands with a look of lust in her face, and the slave immediately obeys increasing his licking speed to please her. ‘Having fun being my little bitch?’ Marie lovingly asks the slave as his tongue continues to work. When she is finally satisfied, she says ‘I think I’m done with you, I’m hungry though, go fix me a sandwich’, and she sends the slave away to make her some food. A very erotic clip of a woman in total control, her moans of pleasure will drive you crazy!

Lick My Sweaty Ass

Heidi’s ass is all sweaty after her workout so she put the slaves mouth to use. First she has him lick the sweat off her ass cheeks, then when he’s done she says ‘lick my ass crack’. The slave buries his tongue deep into her ass, licking up all the accumulated sweat and filth. ‘How does that taste?’ Heidi says, knowing full well that it must taste horrible! But she doesn’t care, she just wants her anus totally cleaned by this slaves tongue.

Lets Try Some Shoes

Mistress Antonia and Heidi are having fun trying on different pairs of high heel shoes by trying them on their slave. Digging their heels into him, his screams don’t deter the ladies. Red heels, black heels, wooden heels, the Ladies try on different types. Heidi is feeling empowered from this activity so Mistress Antonia suggests that she slip into a more fitting domination outfit. Heidi does and looks incredible in her new form fitting black outfit as she continues trampling the slave!

Lick And Suffer

Heidi, still wearing her ravishing black outfit, felt quite empowered from the previous trampling activity. So, she now needs some release. She has the slave lick her pussy and to make sure he does a good job she electrocutes him whenever he isn’t performing exactly right. With the shockers trigger under her high heel shoe, she tortures the slave by shocking him repeatedly as she makes full use of his tongue.

Nice Marks

The ladies decide to have some fun with their slave, so they bind him to the wall and start trying out different whips on him. They don’t hold back, progressively whipping the slave harder and harder making him scream in discomfort. Both ladies look great in their skin tight outfits!

Ass Servant

Dawn has a perfect ass. Naturally, a perfect female ass needs constant attention from a male tongue. So, while lounging on the floor reading a magazine, Dawn has her slave attend to her ass. Kissing it, licking it, sucking it, her ass gets the full tender attention it deserves. ‘Mmmmm, that’s relaxing” she coos as the slave toils away. Eventually she has the slave remove her booty shorts so that he can properly lick her anus. ‘Now you can clean my ass for me’ she sweetly says, so the slave licks and slurps away at Dawns asshole, making sure he doesn’t miss a spot. ‘Taste like honey?’ she mocking says and the slave naturally agrees. The slave does such a good job at pleasuring her ass that now Dawn wants an orgasm. The slave now gets to work feverishly licking her pussy, doing everything he can to please his owner. The slave makes Dawn cum, after which she says ‘Clean all that cum up for me’. Now satiated, Dawn instructs the slave to resume worshiping her ass as she continues casually flipping through her magazine. A very erotic clip, you will be wishing you were Dawns slave!

Feeding Time

Feeding time for this slave! The Ladies are quite generous today, as they decide to feed the slave their spit. Over and over, the ladies drop thick loads of spit into the slaves waiting mouth and he gratefully swallows all of their female waste.

Wait For The Slap

Mistress Antonia and Dawn decide to relieve some stress by face slapping their worthless degradation slave. Kneeling before them, the slave take hard slaps over and over right to the face from both ladies. Both ladies look very hot today, with Mistress Antonia wearing a nice skirt, boots and fishnet stockings, and Dawn wearing some skin tight booty shorts that bring out the best in her ass. The poor slave won’t be able to enjoy any of it though as his vision is blurred from the flurry of face slaps!

I Need Sex

Dawn is relaxing, watching tv. But she feels the urge building, the urge for sex. She gets up and walks over to the dark dungeon. After turning on the lights we see a sex slave bound to the table and ready to be used for her needs. She informs him that she will use him to get herself off. ‘Say yes Ma’am!’ she says to make sure the slave understands. After some brief pussy licking to lube herself up, she mounts the slave and begins to fuck him. ‘You better not fucken cum!’ she sternly reminds the slave! This is after all for her pleasure and not his. She fucks and fucks until she has her climax. The slave of course gets none. Satisfied, she sweetly tells the slave ‘now stay here until I come back’, and walks out, not caring that the poor slave remains frustrated and unsatisfied. No matter, he will have to wait until she feels the need for sex again!

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