Feed From My Ass

After seeing how comfortable Sophie was with her slave, Mistress Antonia decides to leave the slave to her while she is out for the day. Once Mistress Antonia leaves, Sophie gets right down to business. She starts making a list of chores for the slave to do for the day while she nibbles on some pretzels. But Sophie isn’t without mercy. She realizes the slave is hungry and decides to kindly feed him. She puts a pretzel deep in her ass and has the slave dig in with his tongue to fetch his food and eat it. Over and over the feeding continues, as the slave eats the food Sophie buries in her ass. She even makes the slave lick her clean to make sure no crumbs remain on her asshole. How lucky can a slave get?

Pussy Worship

Having finished chatting on the phone with her girlfriend, Sophie now has the slave pleasure her by licking her pussy. With her whip in hand she doesn’t spare the slave any pain as his tongue does it’s best to please her. Sophie lies back and relaxes in total comfort while the slave works, whipping his back when his efforts fail to please her. Sophie looks so hot in this clip!

Beg For It

It’s been a very long time since the slave has been allowed to cum. So, Sophie decides to bind him to the dungeon table and use her body to torment the poor slave. She casually strokes the slaves penis and stops, puts her boob right in the slaves face and makes him beg for pleasure. ‘Would you like to touch my ass?’ she sweetly asks. ‘Beg for it’ she then sternly says. The slave must learn that he must beg for any pleasure. Sophie acts so sweet yet so horribly cruel as she keeps the slave on the edge. ‘Would you like me to finish you off?’ she so sweetly asks as she strokes his penis. ‘Beg for it!’ she commands again, and the slave begs and begs as best he can. ‘I feel so sorry for you, you haven’t cum in so long’ Sophie teasingly adds as she kindly gives the slave pleasure by stroking his cock. ‘Beg louder’ she adds, demanding that he grovel for any attention. ‘Keep on begging otherwise I’ll stop’, those words from Sophie send the slave into a a begging frenzy. Sophie wickedly looks at the slave, loving her total control of him. Damn she looks so hot! ‘Say ‘Mistress please’ a few more times and I might just allow you to cum’ she says. ‘You ready to cum?’ Sophie asks the slave, and the slave is so ready! All of a sudden she stops and says ‘I don’t think we’ll let you cum today, maybe next week.’. Denial yet again for the poor slave! ‘See you later slave’ are Sophie’s final words as she exits the room, the slave knowing full well that she’ll be using him for her pleasure yet again later in the day.

I Will Use You For Sex

‘You just lay there and be still, this is for my pleasure’ are Sophie’s first words as she walks into the dungeon, with her bound slave ready and waiting. Having previously teased and denied him any pleasure, it didn’t take long for her to get very horny. Now, she demands sexual satisfaction and will use her slave until she is satisfied. ‘This is for me not for you’ she reminds the slave as she mounts him. She then begins to bounce up and down on the slaves penis, taking her pleasure as she sees fit. The poor slave is blindfolded and can’t see anything, which is such a shame as her bare boobs are bouncing around right above his face. She kindly takes his blindfold off just for a few seconds so he can see what he’s missing. ‘Thats all you get for now’ she says as she blindfolds him again. ‘I don’t want you to cum, this is not for you’ she once again reminds the slave as her moans of pleasure fill the room. Bound and blindfolded, the slave is once again used for his intended purpose, pleasure for Women.

Ass Licking Chair 2

Sophie has had her asshole licked, her pussy worshiped, and she has fucked the slave at her leisure. The slave meanwhile hasn’t been allowed any pleasure. That doesn’t concern Sophie, as she now needs a break after all that sexual satisfaction. What better way to relax than with the ass licking chair? Sophie saw Dawn using this chair and she knew she just had to give it a try herself! Seated in total comfort in the ass licking chair, Sophie now relaxes by surfing the web. Under her heel is a remote control that controls an electric shocking device on the slaves cock and balls. The slave must now perform at his peak, licking Sophie’s anus exactly as she desires. Any let up in the licking and she harshly electrocutes the slave in the balls! On and on it goes, Sophie looking so hot and so comfortable while the muffled screams of the slave tell of the agony he’s enduring, trying his best to please her. But Shopie is not easily pleased, and the slave gets shocked over and over again at the mere flick of her heel.

Fuck Toy

When Sophie has no need of the slave, she keeps him bound in the dungeon to be used for her sexual needs as she sees fit. In this clip are two such occasions where she uses the slave for a quick fix. She wakes the slave up with a brisk slap to the face, telling him ‘c’mon, I need some sex’. Looking hot as always Sophie puts the slave to use, having a good afternoon fuck as she bounces on the slaves penis as her needs desire. Eventually she’s satiated when the slave foolishly asks ‘can i cum?’. Sophie sweetly replies ‘no, gotta go now’ and walks out, leaving the slave frustrated as she walks out satisfied. The second scene is later in the afternoon, where again she slaps the snoozing slave awake and tells him ‘wake up, sex time!’ Once again the slave is used as a piece of meat, fucked and fucked until Sophie gets her fill. And once again Sophie walks out after she is satiated, leaving behind a now very sexually frustrated slave. Too bad for him.

Comfortable Face

Mistress Antonia is going to be home soon, so Sophie decides to freshen up a bit. She plops her round ass right on the slaves face and starts putting on makeup. ‘How does my pussy smell?’ she asks the slave, but she can’t make out the slaves muffled response. Not like it matters what he thinks anyways, not when his face makes such a comfortable chair.

Handjob Hell

Brittany casually strokes the bound slaves penis, giving him a rare glimpse of pleasure. But she demands that he beg for it at all times. ‘I don’t hear any begging’ she reminds the slave, and stops stroking every time the slaves begging isn’t up to the task. ‘Please don’t stop’ the slave begs, which only makes Brittany stop immediately. ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ she chastises him, the slave knowing full well there is little he can do. The stroking starts and stops over and over, with some cbt intermixed just to keep the slave on edge. ‘Shut up, now beg’ she reminds the pathetic slave, taking little pity in his desperate begging for release. ‘Whose your master?’ she asks the slave, reminding him of his place in life. When the slaves begging fails to meet her satisfaction, she gets pissed off and walks right out, abandoning the slave with no relief.

Your Face, My Chair

There are many ways to watch tv, Brittany though prefers doing it while sitting on a slaves face. She likes it even more when she can torture a slave at the same time. With the electric shocker resting on the slaves balls and the trigger under her heel, Brittany mercilessly zaps his balls over and over again. ‘Does that hurt?’ Brittany sweetly asks, without really caring. She giggles every time she delivers an electric shock to the slaves balls, all the while sitting comfortably on the slaves face. ‘This is hilarious’ she says as the slave yells into her ass and desperately tries to breathe and yell at the same time. ‘Shut up!’ she finally yells as she grows tired of his complaining. At least her ass muffles his screams so she can watch tv in peace!

Get Your Face In My Ass

Ass licking performance tends to improve when a whip is used as incentive. In this case, Mistress Antonia whips while the slave while he licks Sophies asshole. ‘Faster, lick my asshole!’ Sophie demands, the slave barely able to hear her commands over the crack of the whip. ‘Faster, harder!’ Sophie yells, demanding perfect performance. The slaves moans of discomfort increase as Mistress Antonia doesn’t let up with the whip, but Sophie doesn’t care. She wants his face in her ass and his tongue in her asshole. And he’d better perform!

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