Her Balls, Not Yours

The best way for a slave to understand that his balls are no longer his, is for a Lady to tie him to a table and torture them. Lexia does just that, totally immobilizing her slave and then having her way with his balls. When the slaves noises get too loud, she gags him and resumes the torture. Maybe now the slave will now learn that they are her balls, not his.

Lick Her Properly

The young and sweet Taylor is tired of being taken advantage of by men, so she pays Mistress Antonia a visit. Mistress Antonia gets started right away, first by showing Taylor how unlimited pussy licking is the natural right of every woman, and that by stepping on a mans balls makes him perform as long as she needs. Taylor lies back in comfort, her hot body in full display, but the slave doesn’t get to enjoy any of it. He just keeps licking her to avoid Mistress Antonia’s wrath. Taylor’s first lesson is complete, but there is more training to come for this formerly vanilla girl!

Slapped And Slapped Again

Taylor looks so cute in her little polka dot dress and matching panties, but wow she packs a punch! Mistress Antonia frequently uses her humiliation slave to train new domlettes, and this occasion is no exception. She uses him to show Taylor how to ridicule and humiliate a pathetic male with merciless face slapping. After showing her a bit, she hands the slave over to Taylor. SLAP! Wow, neither the slave nor Mistress Antonia was expecting such harsh slapping! Taylor just lets loose, where she got it from we don’t know, but the poor slave got slapped so hard and so often that he didn’t know his left from right. Taylor just kept giggling and letting him have it. If you’re a fan of harsh and repeated face slapping, this is the clip to get!

Nineteen And Dominant

For some girls, dominating men just comes naturally. Jessica is one of those girls. She knows that keeping a man in long term chastity makes him far more attentive, so under lock and key he goes. She also knows that pain from high heels is a good way to control a slaves tongue, so she lies back and enjoys some extended pussy worship while her painful heels make him keep pace. ‘Faster’ she commands, demanding more tongue. Even the slightest lax in performance is met with grinding of her heels in his shoulders. ‘Does it hurt? Do a better job’ Jessica says, not accepting any slack in his performance. Wow those heels must really be hurting the slaves shoulders, but no matter. Jessica looks so comfortable lying back and enjoying extended oral bliss.

Painfull Sex

Wow this clip is hot! Taylor has made significant progress in learning to dominate men. Now she desires sex, and the slave will provide it. ‘Don’t you cum, this is for me not for you’ she says, setting the tone for whats to come. She mounts the slave who is bound to the table for just such a purpose, and she begins to enjoy being penetrated at her pace. Her fingernails begin to mercilessly claw at the slaves chest as the fucking continues, leaving marks all over the slave. ‘Are you here to pleasure me?’ she reminds him, and she continues to enjoy herself while still scarring the slaves chest with her fingernails. As cruel as Taylor is, she briefly pauses to kiss the now very scarred slave, then resumes the torture and fucking. After much sex, the slave begs ‘Mistress I have to cum…please?’. Taylor acts so sweet to him, saying ‘You wanna cum? Think you deserve to cum?’. The slave thinks so and begs her for an orgasm. Instead, Taylor rakes all her finger nails deeply into the slaves already heavily scarred chest and sternly says ‘No!’ She then casually gets up and says ‘This is not for you’ as she walks out. How can such a sweet girl have become so dominant in such a short period of time? This is some great female dominated sex!

No You Can

The unfortunate humiliation slave has been left to Jessica. He’s unfortunate because Jessica has no intention of letting him have his weekly orgasm allowance. She smothers his face with her ass and has him smell her asshole as she controls the strokes of his penis. Start, stop, she interrupts the slaves strokes over and over just because she can. The slave whimpers, begs and moans but it makes no difference to Jessica. ‘You’re not gonna get anything’ she finally says as she dismounts and abandons the slave without orgasm.

I Think He Likes Being Slapped

It can be quite humbling to be repeatedly slapped by two ladies, and even more so when one of them is just 19. But Mistress Antonia’s humiliation slave needs a good dose of degradation, so her and Jessica let him have it with non stop face slapping. They even make him stroke his cock while being slapped just to make him look even sillier. ‘It’s so small’ Jessica comments on the slaves pathetic erection, letting him have some more face slaps at the same time. The slave is humiliated, but he has no choice but to stand there and take it, slap after slap.

Lick My Ass While I Sleep

Mistress Flame has many painful activities planned for the slave today. But not yet…she’s still kinda sleepy, and wants to slumber in bed a while longer. Still, she wants to be serviced while snoozing so she calls her slave over and has him lick her asshole while she rests. ‘C’mon get in there pet’ she tells the slave, as he licks deep in her ass crack. ‘I want to hear you pet’ she says, as she drifts away into sleep again. The slave is largely ignored, but her soft coos of pleasure show that Mistress Flame is enjoying having her anus licked while she sleeps.

Eat That Pussy Slave

Mistress Flame is a bit tired from all that trampling, so she sprawls out on the pussy licking chair and puts the slaves tongue to work. Long strokes, short strokes, fast and slow, she has the slave pleasure her at her pace and as her needs dictate. Her whip helps ensure performance, but for the most part she just lies back and drifts away in extended oral bliss.

Toilet Servant 9

Another trip to the toilet means another cleaning is needed. This is nothing new for Sophie, she’s accustomed to using slaves to clean her after she has done her deed on the toilet. She lets out a sigh of relief after she is done, stands up and says ‘now you can clean me off’. The slaves tongue springs to action, working hard to make sure Sophies pussy and asshole are thoroughly cleaned of any waste.

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