Battered Balls

Already heavily scarred by cigarettes, Lexia decides he needs more pain. His balls are close by, so why not hit them? With her ass planted on his face, she starts punching the slaves balls. ‘Does that hurt?’ she asks. The slaves reply is muffled by ass and can barely be heard. No matter, she keeps beating his balls. She does occasionally reward the slave though, lifting her ass and commanding ‘Kiss’. The slave gets a taste of heaven, but it’s brief. She plops back down and resumes the ball beating. Back and forth it goes, balls beaten, ass kissing as a reward.

Her Feet Are Filthy

Dirt, dust, cat hair, there is all manner of filth on the stairway Lexia is on. Fortunately, slave tongue is very good at removing such filth from female feet. So Lexia takes a few steps and has the slave lick the bottom of her bare feet clean. A few more steps, and more foot lapping from the slave is demanded. Lexia finds the whole thing hysterical and laughs while the poor slave licks away all the debris from the bottom of her feet.

Four Heels, One Slave

Those heels sure do look painful. Unfortunately for the slave, the girls are bored so they trample him mercilessly with those sharp heels. Up and down the girls walk, scaring the slaves back as they go. ‘Awww poor slave’ Sophie says as she inflicts more pain. He does seem to be in incredible pain, but the girls look so hot trampling him without pity.

All He Gets Is Slaps

Slapped, slapped and slapped again, that’s all this slave gets. He is of little value to the ladies so he’s only used for their amusement, namely humiliation. Mistress Flame and Mistress Antonia both look incredibly hot in all their topless glory, but the slave doesn’t have much chance to focus as the barrage of slaps keep his vision blurred.

Making Her Cum

Mistress Flame is hungry, but first a pre-dinner orgasm. The slaves tongue springs to life and begins to lick, bringing her pleasure for as long as she desires. Guided by the whip, the slave brings Mistress Flame to a satisfying orgasm after which he kicked away and told to go make her food. Ahhh, the life of a Goddess…

Fresh Meat

Mistress Antonia has a new slave begging to join her stable. But such a privilege isn’t for just anyone, so she brings in Sophie to torture test the slave. He’s immediately bound to the wall and within seconds begging from the pain of their whips. ‘Does it hurt?’ Sophie asks, only to cut into him with the whip some more. The slave starts pleading for mercy which only falls on deaf ears. ‘Suffer, we don’t care’ Mistress Antonia says as the slaves scarred back begins to turn red. The slave does his best to endure the pain as his desire to be enslaved by the ladies is strong. But this is just the first of many painful tests for this slave.

Let Me Caress Your Balls

Mistress Flame is acting so sweet to the slave, lovingly stroking and handling his penis. She even leans over and gently kisses the slave on the lips, putting him totally at ease. But it doesn’t last. She starts to focus more and more on his balls, and with more focus comes more pain. She slaps his balls, taking delight in the response it brings from the slave. ‘Awww, does that hurt?’ she so sweetly asks as his screams build. But he’s bound and clearly not going anywhere, so the ball slaps continue.

Toilet Servant 10

The ladies learned long time ago that a slaves tongue does a far better job at cleaning any waste residue than plain old toilet paper. So Jessica unloads her waste into the toilet, and has the slave lick both her pussy and asshole perfectly clean. She waits patiently as the slaves tongue gets in deep, removing all that stubborn hard to get waste buried deep within her anus, licking hard and fast to make it as clean as can be. Her pussy gets similar attention, as Jessica sits back in comfort as his tongue toils away to remove any last traces of waste buried in her womanhood.

Trample Or Cbt?

It’s that age old question, which is more painful trampling or cock and ball torture? The girls are curious as well, so they use the slave to find the answer. Sophie starts trampling the slave in her pretty pink high heeled shoes while Mistress Antonia puts the slaves balls in a vice and tortures them. After a suitable amount of screams from the slave they ask him which hurt more. Alas the slave can’t decide, so the girls switch places and the torture resumes now with Mistress Antonia trampling him and Sophie slapping his balls. Poor slave, hopefully he can figure out a proper answer soon!


Brittany has certain rituals she likes performing with her slaves, to remind them of their place. We have very few clips with her because she rarely lets us film her, but she let us film this time where she casually drinks some water and slowly spits it into her slaves mouth. Repeatedly and methodically, she only lets the slave enjoy the water after it has been it her mouth and then slowly dripped into his. ‘Open!’ she says, and the slave complies as she deposits more of her female liquid into his mouth. ‘Swallow!’ her next command immediately follows and the slave complies, drinking the spit/water mixture that she has graciously unloaded into his mouth.

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