Learning To Use His Balls

Just found some lost footage of Taylor! This is the very first video we ever recorded of her. If you recall from her other clips, Taylor was a pretty young girl that was very vanilla and came to Mistress Antonia to learn to be more dominant with men. She’s a natural, and eventually becomes a very dominant woman! But in this first clip with her she is just getting started. Mistress Antonia starts her off with the essentials, basically how to use a slaves balls as a means to control his performance. Squeezing and twisting them, Taylor notices that the more the slave hurts, the better he licks her pussy. A very valuable lesson to a dominant women in training! Mistress Antonia eventually hands the slaves balls over to Taylor for her to try herself, applying pain and discomfort to the slave in return for sexual pleasure on demand for her. Taylor looks so cute and innocent in this clip!

Eat Food From Her Ass

Mistress Flame generously offers the slave the area between her butt cheeks and anus as his personal food plate. She places chocolate snacks deep in her ass crack and the slave slurps them out, enjoying the delicacies that Mistress Flame provides. ‘Fetch!’ she commands after placing some chocolate on her anus, and casually flips thru her magazine while he feeds. ‘Clean your mess’ she demands, having the slave make sure her ass is totally clean after every feeding. Mistress Flame has a body to die for, and a perfect ass to match. Such a lucky slave that gets to feed from between her fleshy cheeks!

May I Cum Mistress?

Sophie is in sweet girl mode today, she’s letting the slave stroke himself telling him that she will let him have an orgasm. She sits on his face, teases him with her bare breasts, and generally keeps the slave in a high state of arousal. She still makes him beg for orgasm privilege, but she insists he will be be getting one. Given how nice she is being, the poor slave actually believes her. He is brought to the edge, where he asks ‘May I please cum Mistress?’. Sophie sweetly says yes…then moments later starts smacking the slaves balls! What the heck happened? Sophie instantly flips and is now really angry. ‘You really think I’m gonna give you an orgasm?’ she sternly says as she starts beating the slaves balls mercilessly. Smack after smack, the poor slave is screaming now. ‘Please Mistress please!’ he begs over and over but it falls on deaf ears. Sophie will have none of it, as the slaves orgasm pleasure is replaced with ball smacking pain.

She Beat The Crap Out Of Him

Time for Lexia to get some exercise, something the slave can help her with. She’s wearing a cute workout outfit complete with shorts and gloves to protect her hands, and she strings up her slave like a slab of beef. Then she gets busy beating the crap out of him. Kicks to the stomach, punches to the stomach, kicks to the balls, Lexia unleashes her female fury full force on her human exercise bag. He is already heavily scarred from prior tortures but that doesn’t mean Lexia has any intent on limiting her workout. The slave takes quite a beating, and eventually is tossed down to the ground only to be met with more punches and stomps. Lexia might look like a cutie, but she can dish out some serious hits.

Sniff My Fucken Ass

It’s simple, Sophie wants her ass sniffed and the slaves balls will pay dearly if he doesn’t sniff it correctly. With his face under her ass and his nose deep in her ass crack, the slave inhales her ass fumes deeply and repeatedly as best he can. But apparently not well enough. Sophie seems a bit irate today and takes it out on his balls, slapping them hard sometimes for no reason at all. Oh well, looks like the slave will not be able to escape ball torture today no matter how much he smells her ass.

Female Ass Tastes So Good

Mistress Antonia’s friend Jennifer is in town having just flown in from Europe. She’s feeling a little tired from the jet lag, so she lounges on the couch, looking quite fine and erotic in the process. She likes having her ass lavished with attention though, so she calls over the slave and has him deeply inhale her asshole, in long deep sniffs just because it feels comfortable to her. ‘Inhale’ she says in her cute accent, and the slave fills his lungs with her ass air. Eventually she tires of his inhaling and says ‘Now, lick it’, making the slave lick her asshole as she starts to drift off to sleep, her jet lag finally getting the best of her. She may be snoozing but the slave’s job is far from done. He licks and slurps her anus repeatedly until told otherwise. And who could blame him, Jennifer has a body to die for!

Whipped Because He Is A Man

Harmony looks devastatingly hot in her tight black outfit. Unfortunately for the slave, Harmony is also a very sadistic woman. She is all feminine and very soft spoken, but she loves to inflict pain on men, and delights in having them beg for more pain. This is a new slave for her, so she gets started right away with non stop whipping pain so that he understands his place in her life. ‘Take the pain for me’ she softly says as he whimpers and moans in pain. The whip cuts deep and fast with no mercy in sight. ‘Ask for another’ she demands, making the slave beg her for more pain. The whip falls again and again, with the slave in obvious extreme pain. ‘You are doing this to please me, you are gonna take it because I want it’ she reminds him as the whip continues to cut into his flesh. The slave begs ‘Please no more’, as he can barely stand up anymore. ‘Too bad’ comes Harmony’s reply. Wow, she looks so hot as she tortures this poor slave!

She Has A Biting Problem

Warning, this clip is not for the meek! Harmony has a biting problem. She derives great pleasure from biting down on the flesh of men. Biting down really really hard. The bondage table helps her with this, she binds the slaves hands and feet, and puts a gag in his mouth since he will be screaming shortly. Now, she gets busy! She straddles the slave with her tasty body, her perfect ass hovering over the slaves face. Well, at least the slave will have a great view while he suffers. Then without warning, she bites. Yikes, the pain for the slave must be horrific! She bites down so hard and holds that position, moaning in delight while the slave screams so loudly. Finally she releases, but it’s only a temporary reprieve for the slave. She chooses a fresh section of flesh and chomps down hard again, the poor slave screaming so loud, the gag can barely hold back the sounds of pain. But Harmony doesn’t care. She has an erotic look of delight on her face as she is loving every minute of it, and she bites down on him over and over again. So pretty yet so incredibly sadistic!

His Ball Pain Makes Her Climax

Harmony loves to cum. She loves it even more when she can torture a slaves balls while she is being licked! Straddling the slaves face, she takes her rightful pleasure from his tongue, smacking his balls hard totally at random in the process. Her moans of pleasure are such a delight to hear, interrupted only by the muffled screams of the slave when his balls take a hit. ‘Lick it!’ she demands when she detects a slowdown in pleasure, and the slave redoubles his efforts. He knows he will not escape ball pain today, but he still tries his best to orally please his owner. After all, you don’t want to get on Harmony’s bad side!

CEO By Day, Strap-on Whore By Night

Here we have a well known CEO. He is powerful. Successful. A man of industry. What does this mean to Mistress Antonia? Nothing, he is stripped nude, put on his hands and knees and fucked with her strap-on. She is taking her time, defiling this man at her leisure. Jennifer walks in with her own slave, and watches the spectacle unfold. She has her slave lick her asshole while the two girls talk about how this CEO will be whored out for money. On the outside he is a powerful and influential man, but here he is nothing more than a slave, property of women, and he will be whored out for the ladies profit.

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