Never Been Whipped

Harmony has a new slave prospect today. He wants to serve and suffer for her, but such a privilege must be earned. So she starts him with a good whipping. Whipping is not this slaves strong point, but Harmony has no intention of letting him off easy. The whip cuts deep and fast, setting the slave deep into the pain zone. He yells and screams as his entire body gets heavily marked up by the whip, but this just brings a smile to Harmony’s face. He took his first test well, and now he has the scars to prove that he suffered at the hands of Harmony.

Nika Whips Cock

Nika owns a well endowed slave that, as you can imagine, provides her with a variety of pleasure and service. Today though, she simply feels like whipping his cock. She binds his pesky hands out of the way and starts to whip. Yikes, the pain must be horrific for the slave as the whip cracks down on his cock repeatedly! Over and over non stop, his cock is severely whipped. Meanwhile, the very pretty Nika has a smile on her face, enjoying this fine afternoon of slave torture.

Heels Leave Permanent Marks

The thigh high boots that Harmony is wearing look sooooo good! Black, shiny, lots of buckles. It’s a shame the slave isn’t able to appreciate them though, mostly because he is too busy screaming in pain. Those same lovely boots are inflicting massive damage to his skin as Harmony mercilessly tramples him. Back and forth she goes, leaving fresh scars on his skin with every step of her heels. The pain is extreme, but if this slave wants to be accepted in her stable then he will have to learn to suffer under her.

Ass Cleaning Service

Ass cleaning is a very useful service to the ladies. Sometimes the girls don’t want to bother lecturing or torturing the slave, they just want him to lick their asshole while they go about their business. That’s whats happening here, where Jennifer is casually watching TV while she has her anus deeply licked and cleaned. She completely ignores the slave while he toils away, and merely sits back in total comfort while her asshole is lubed. The slave knows he is expected to lick non stop, so he maintains a feverish pitch of licking, making sure his female occupant is completely comfortable. Ass cleaning service, definitely something all ladies should have!

Oral First Thing In The Morning

Whipping a slaves cock tired out Nika. So this morning she wakes up a little groggy, and in need of oral attention. She calls the slave over and puts him to work pleasuring her for as long as she needs. The slave is thrilled that he won’t be tortured this morning, so he doubles his efforts to show his gratitude, licking Nika exactly as she likes it. Meanwhile, Nika lounges back on her pillow and drifts away in oral bliss.


We get lots of requests for clips that just show the girls asses. So here you go, this is Nika’s ass! She’s wearing six different outfits, but in every case the camera just focuses on her perfect ass in tight shorts, panties, and more. Enjoy!

Toilet Servant 13

Jennifer’s very perfect body needs to expel some female liquid waste. Of course, nothing is better than a mans tongue when it comes to the post toilet douche so she drags a slave in the bathroom with her. She seems a bit irate today, lashing out at the slave more than normal. The slave is powerless to do anything, so he lies low and licks her boots while she does her deed on the toilet. All done, Jennifer now stands up and has the slave do one of his primary tasks in her life, lick her nether regions totally clean.

My Little Pony

Harmony loves to ride, but good pony slaves are hard to come by. Hence she always relishes the opportunity to break in a new one! She gets down to business right away, frequently whipping the slave as he struggles to carry her on all fours. Then she shoulder mounts him and has him repeatedly go up and down the stairs, helping to build the slaves leg endurance. The whip doesn’t let up as Harmony wants to be sure he can endure both exhaustion and pain for as long as she desires. Meanwhile Harmony enjoys the ride in all her nude hottie splendor. The slave is horribly exhausted and in extreme pain, but at least he gets to feel her wet womanhood on the back of his neck!

Harnessing Male Chastity

Harmony knows that men in chastity are eager to serve, so she likes to keep chaste slaves around. ‘Come here pet’ she says and the slave scurries over, ready to serve to her exacting standards. She laughs at his plight, toying with his chaste cock. ‘You are here for my pleasure’ she reminds him and puts him to work licking her pussy. The poor slave is extremely frustrated, but Harmony casually sits back and enjoys the oral service. She loves to mock the slave, adding ‘Poor locked up cock’ as she toys with his imprisoned manhood. But she doesn’t care, and instead delights in his suffering and frustration. ‘Back to my pleasure’ she demands and the slave resumes his oral work. When she is done, she looks at his chastity belt and says ‘Maybe another week will do’ before dismissing him. Poor guy, one more week of lock up.

Tongue Bath For Her Shoes

Here we get to see Nika’s softer side. Sure, sometimes she tortures men to the point of tears. But here she just has her shoes worshiped and adored. She speaks very softly to the slave to keep him at ease while he licks her heels completely clean. ‘You see my toe sticking out here? Clean it too’ she sweetly says, and the slaves tongue gets in there deep, cleaning whatever she desires. She even fucks his mouth with her heel to make sure its totally clean, and has the soles cleaned as well. Nika is such a cutie in this clip, she is definitely very easy on the eyes!

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