Proper Care And Worship Of Female Feet

There’s nothing like enjoying a good book. That’s what Harmony here is doing, sitting back and enjoying a leisurely afternoon read. She likes having her feet tended to though, so she has a slave lick her feet while she chills. The slave is extremely aroused as he slathers his tongue all over her feet and toes, getting it into every possible crevice. Harmony though has his penis locked up tight in chastity so the poor slaves cock is bulging against it’s prison with no where to go. This comforts Harmony as it lets her know that he will be focusing on her needs instead of his own. As usual, Harmony looks ridiculously hot without even trying. Great clip for foot worship fans!

Worship Amy - My Feet

This clip is from our former Worship Amy website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! This clip is simply of Amy

Slave Orgasm

‘I’m gonna let you cum’ Jennifer says, as she sits bare ass on his face while he jerks himself off. She talks nicely and sweetly to this slave, comforting him and letting him know that he will finally taste some pleasure. The slave is in heaven, with her hot body on his face and his nose deep in her ass, he happily inhales her ass essence as he madly strokes away. ‘You can get pleasure while licking and smelling my ass’ she adds, further sending this slave deep into sub space. When he finally reaches climax, Jennifer suddenly changes her mind saying ‘That’s enough’, and she pulls his hand away mid orgasm. As if a ruined orgasm isn’t enough, she then starts mercilessly slapping his balls! Awww, the poor guy thought he was going to have a proper climax. Instead his orgasm is ruined and his balls are now in screaming pain.

A Real Man Would Take It

‘Thank you’ the slave begs as Harmony really cuts into him with her whip. She’s clearly pissed at him for something, but only she knows what that is. What is clear though is that he is paying a heavy price for what he’s done, and no amount of whimpering will be stopping Harmony from brutally whipping his back. He does his best to endure the pain for her, but eventually his knees start to buckle. But Harmony will have none of that today. ‘Straighten your back!’ she demands, and resumes marking the slaves body with her whip without mercy.

Slaps Remind Him He Is Worthless

Every slave needs to be cut back down to size sometimes. Just because they bring the girls to climax, lick their feet clean and serve as their house toilet, doesn’t mean they are still anything but slaves. Harmony decides today is a good day to remind this slave of his worthlessness. ‘What are you guys? Worthless pet slaves to us women’ she says, punctuating all her words with hard slaps to the face. ‘You are my pet, you belong to me’ she adds, with more humiliating slaps. She even berates his small penis for good measure, adding ‘This is supposed to be hard? Who the fuck is supposed to get off on that?’. The slave kneels and obeys, adding ‘Thank you Mistress’ to her scathing words. If this slave had any ego prior to this, it is now certainly gone.

Face Sitting Chat

This cutie is Amy. She seems sweet and innocent, but looks can be very deceiving! True, she is young, adorable, and has a kickin bod, but make no mistake she can be very ruthless with men as you will see in future clips with her! In this clip though she is plopped full weight on a slaves face while she talks on the phone with her girlfriend. She totally ignores the slave who is now merely her ass cushion, and just chats away. The slave meanwhile has his face totally submerged in her perfect ass cheeks with only her ass fumes to breathe.

Changing Their Tampons

It’s that time of the month for these two lovelies, but fortunately Vanessa and Amy don’t need to bother with the tedium of changing tampons themselves. Certainly not when there is a perfectly serviceable male mouth in their presence. Vanessa is first, she has the slave remove her old one with his mouth before replacing it with a fresh one. Amy is next, she also has the slave remove her old one with his mouth. But Amy is a little more demanding in her tampon service. She has the slave suck on it for a bit, extracting whatever female nutrients he can. Then she has him lick her thoroughly clean before making him apply a fresh one. Looks like the slave must have really behaved well today to be rewarded with such an intimate service!

Lineup At The Pussy Licking Slave

Here we have Vanessa enjoying some pussy licking from the bound slave when her two friends Holly and Harmony come home. Now all the girls want in on the action! The slaves tongue may be exhausted but he must continue to orally serve as Holly now replaces Vanessa in getting her turn at some oral pleasure. ‘That’s a good boy’ she encourages him, adding the bite of the whip to emphasize the point. Harmony eventually replaces her and the slave resumes his work once again, keeping his owners sexually satiated. ‘Faster faster faster’ Harmony demands, making the slave really work for it. Eventually the girls are all satiated, and they simply walk away leaving the slave bound for later oral use. What can I say, this clip is ridiculously hot! Three gorgeous girls using their oral sex slave, it just doesn’t get any better.


Seems like after the last two clips with Amy, that you guys really want to see her ass. So here you go! This clip focuses purely on her very perfect ass clad in three different outfits. I think you will agree that her ass is indeed perfection. Now you know why she is so easily able to enslave men!

Ass Meet Face

Harmony is busy taking care of something on her laptop. Whatever it is it seems to be taking all her attention, as she is paying no attention to the slave face under her ass. She has all her weight pressing on his cranium while she takes care of business, getting up just briefly to check something at the printer. The slave takes that brief opportunity to suck in some fresh air, just before she drops her ass on his face once again. Her beautiful ass almost looks like it was designed for face sitting, as her cheeks so naturally wrap around a mans face!

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