Ashtray For The Girls

The girls are enjoying a smoke outdoors, but there is no need to worry about cigarette litter. They have re-purposed a slave as a human ashtray, so he lays there very still with his mouth open so as not to disturb them. Meanwhile the girls chat about a variety of things amongst themselves while casually depositing ash and spent cigarettes right in his mouth.

Worship Amy - Baby

This clip is from our former Worship Amy website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! It really doesn

Toothbrushing Spitoon

One thing about being a slave to a group of gorgeous ladies is that you just never know what they will put in your mouth. This slave was left stationed next to a sink for sometime before the girls finally came in to use him. One by one they came in, brushed their teeth, and spit foul concoction after foul concoction right into his mouth. Spit, tooth paste, food particles, all the waste by product of brushing teeth went into his mouth for him to swallow. Now Harmony, Vanessa and Holly have nice clean teeth while the slave has a gallon of a gross spit/food/paste mixture sitting in his belly.

Girls With Strap-ons

It’s such a lovely day here in LA that it put the girls in the mood to fuck. They grab the slave, tie him up, throw him over the table and start to pound his ass with their strap-ons. Holly starts off the fuck fest, making the most of her strap-on by repeatedly impaling it into the slaves ass. She swaps with Amy who also takes delight in defiling this slave. Vanessa meanwhile whips the slave just to add to his misery. The look on the slaves face is grim, he’s clearly straining under the pain but the laughing girls could care less. Vanessa keeps whipping him to keep him in line, and Holly and Amy continue to alternate fucking him without pity.

Taste Of Nikas Whip

The oh-so girly Nika is in a whipping mood today, and any slave will do to be on the receiving end. She grabs one, lines him up against the wall, and whips him without pity. The harshness of the whipping would make you think Nika is in a mean mood but not really, she seems all cute and bubbly as usual. I guess she’s just in the mood for torture today!

Painting Her Toenails

The girls like to have their toe nails serviced while they relax in front of the TV. Vanessa is doing just that, chatting with her friends while the slave paints her toe nails. The slave is mostly ignored, but he makes sure to paint her toes to her exacting standards knowing full well how harsh Vanessa can be when she isn’t pleased!

Life Under Female Ass

What is it like to be used as a chair and totally ignored? This slave is finding out as Nika plops her ass on his face and reads through a shopping catalog. Not a word is said to the slave and why should there be, he is now merely a cushion for her ass to rest on! The slave though does get the privilege of breathing in Nika’s essence so he’s certainly not complaining about life under female ass.

Lick And Slurp

Mindy is grabbing a quick cat nap, which incidentally is also a good time to get some ass worship. She sprawls herself on the couch giving the slave easy access to her anus, and has the slave lick her asshole while she snoozes. She doesn’t say a whole lot as she drifts away to sleep, but the slave makes sure to keep licking even after Mindy dozes off.

Where A Man Belongs

Handcuffed, locked in chastity, and orally pleasuring a female, that is exactly where a man belongs. So naturally that is exactly where Harmony likes to keep her men. ‘You know how I like it’ she reminds him as he licks her tender womanhood, pleasuring her as she surfs the web. The chastity cage ensures peak performance, since he knows he won’t be getting any release hence he can properly focus on her needs. I just love this clip, Harmony’s moans of pleasure are sooooo soothing to hear! It’s clearly where all men should be.


Ok ok, no more emails about Harmony’s ass please! It’s pretty clear that she has a large following of worshipers dying to see her ass more, so here you go. This clip focuses just on her ass in shorts, bare, and in a mini skirt. Enjoy!

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