Oral Worship On A Lazy Day

When Conan was once asked ‘What is best in life?’, my reply would have been to watch Nika receive oral worship from a slave. Truth be told, I seriously adore watching Nika be pleasured, I’ll video tape it any chance I get! Of course here she is again, making use of the oral slave. The slave is pre-whipped as the marks on his back indicate, so his performance won’t be an issue. It’s a little different this time though for Nika. She doesn’t say anything, instead she seems pensive, pre-occupied, something is clearly on her mind. It looks like this is just some casual oral for her as she works something out. No matter, Nika still looks oh-so-edible in this clip!

Two Girls Having Lunch

Sometimes the best clips happen totally by accident. Tory and Holly were having lunch, so I didn’t think much of it. Until I strolled by and noticed that they were using slave faces as their chairs. Out comes the camera! What a sight, these pretty girls are each plopped full weight on slave faces and paying no attention to them whatsoever as they enjoy their lunch. The slaves are lying as still as they can, their faces submerged in female ass while the girls simply chat casually between them. Just another normal day for Tory and Holly.

Mouthfulls Of Spit

Mmmm, nothing like fresh spit in the morning. It’s even better when it comes from three pretty ladies like Harmony, Vanessa and Holly. ‘Don’t you dare swallow it’ Harmony reminds him, making him collect their waste secretions in his mouth. ‘You’re a spit dumpster’ she adds, as they make him swirl the foul concoction in his mouth. The girls love putting all sorts of female waste product in the slaves mouth, looks like today is spit day!

Pretty Girls Like To Trample

Yup it’s true, pretty girls like to trample. Like Mina here, she’s in her short little black dress complete with funky looking heels, and delighting in trampling this slab of male meat. I’m guessing the ordeal must be quite painful for the slave given his screaming and pleas for mercy, but mercy is not one of Mina’s strong points. She delights at his cries of pain, stabbing her heels even harder when he begs her to stop.

Mom Learns To Dominate Part 1

You’d think being a milf would mean having an easier time with men. Alas that’s not the case with Melissa here. She’s been neglected, under appreciated, and otherwise mistreated by men. Well, she’s had enough and has come to see Harmony for help. Harmony is delighted to help, and uses her male pets as teaching tools to show Melissa how to take total control of the weaker sex. In this first of many clips, Harmony starts Melissa off with foot worship, showing her that the proper place of a man is at the foot of a woman. The whole thing is quite the spectacle to Melissa who has never seen anything like this before. But she shows some interest at having a man prostrate at her feet. Will Harmony be able to to transform this timid milf into a dangerous cougar? Watch and follow Melissa’s training to see!

Putting Lotion On Her Legs

At first glance this looks like a relatively normal scene, a pretty girl putting some lotion on her legs. A closer look though reveals that underneath said girl happens to be a man locked in a chastity belt. Seems like Tory has decided to sit on a frustrated slaves face today while she slathers lotion on her legs. It’s a quiet clip, not a word is said by Tory, and the only noise from the slave is some heavy panting as he attempts to take a breath whenever he can. But damn, Tory has some firm and tone legs!

Amy Punishes Balls

Amy is such a sweet young thing. So why is she smacking this guys balls while she sits on his face? Hmm, well she must have a good reason to be making this slave buckle and squirm from the pain. The smacks to the balls look really painful but Amy seems to be enjoying herself, and that’s all that really matters now doesn’t it?

Whipped By Three Girls

Holly and Vanessa were busy whipping this slave when Amy strolled by. So why not have her join in on the fun? This trio of hotties make the most of the whip, making this slaves back look like it came fresh off a grill with pretty marks running up and down his flesh. ‘Does it hurt?’ Holly asks, curious as to how much discomfort she is causing him. The girls circle their prey whipping him as their whims dictate, with the bound slave having little choice but to hurt for them.

Strung Up And Caned

This rack of beef, er, I mean slave has been strung upside down and blindfolded for use by the ladies. Now Natalie and Mina grab some canes and begin to tenderize this meat. Having one lady cane you is painful enough, but having two is just beyond belief! The slave starts out dry, but in no time is covered in sweat as his pain receptors kick into overload. He flails and jostles about, almost trying to assume a fetal position mid air to help cope with the pain, but it doesn’t help. The ladies keep applying the cane wherever it hurts the most, enjoying their handiwork in the process. This is a great clip if you love to watch a helpless slave get caned, but also if you just love staring at Natalie and Mina who are just too gorgeous for words.

Worship Amy - My Ass On The Treadmill

This clip is from our former Worship Amy website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Amy