Hands Meet Heels

Such an obedient slave! He patiently remains on his hands and knees in front of Lexia while she tortures his hands with her heels. Those are indeed some fine looking boots she’s wearing, but the heels do look painful. ‘Awwwwwwwwww’ Lexia coos with fake compassion as the slave grunts and groans, enduring the pain for her as she jabs her heels into the sensitive parts of his hands. ‘Thank you Mistress’ is his correct reply, showing that he is more than willing to hurt for her. Even the camera girl wants to see more, adding ‘Do it more!’ when Lexia asks if she missed a spot.

Playing Video Games On His Face

Aside from being gorgeous, Holly also likes video games which just makes her all the more desirable. Wearing her sexy as hell outfit, she plops on a slaves face and plays some games. Interestingly enough she seems to like the classics, as she enjoys a game of Donkey Kong. She is oblivious though to the struggle below her ass, where the slave tries to tolerate the ever increasing pressure on his face as best he can. Well whatever, that’s his problem. Holly meanwhile seems to be having fun jumping barrels and looking so beautiful as well. Girls, video games, and face sitting. A perfect mix!

Mom Learns To Dominate Part 3

Harmony re-purposes the slave as a face slapping tool, and dishes out some harsh slaps to demonstrate the debasement of a male pet. ‘You’re worthless, say it’ Harmony adds, making the slave admit to his worthlessness. Melissa is slightly taken aback at first, but she gives it a try. She starts slow, but then what have we here? It looks like she finally turns the corner in her training and is now starting to get much more aggressive. ‘For all the men that did me wrong’ Melissa says as she slaps his face harshly. She may have started a little timid, but it looks like her inner femdom milf is finally starting to come out!

At Her Feet

Sometimes Harmony keeps idling slaves in a closet or in the corner, but this time she wants him adoring her feet. The slave crawls over and devotes his entire being to pleasing her feet, kissing and adoring them as they justly deserve. Harmony isn’t too interested though, she mostly ignores him and reads a magazine while he worships at the temple of Harmony.

Girls Love Whips

Girls sure do love whips, especially Tory and Holly. They whip this slave while chatting about shoes and other assorted things. Tory looks cute in her little shorts, and Holly’s thong covered ass looks quite edible. They are also both sporting glasses, they make quite an adorable yet cruel pair!

Spurs And Skin Don

Mina loves using pony slaves, it delights her to watch them struggle to hold her weight and hear them scream in pain. She loves it even more because she can wear her favorite spurs, a particularly evil looking pair. The slave is already heavily scarred and bruised from previous torture from Mina, but that doesn’t stop her from digging her spurs in. He’s really having a hard time maintaining proper pony form as the pain is excruciating. But this just aggravates Mina all the more, making her dig her spurs into bruised and scarred flesh.

She Needs Ass Attention

Tory frequently needs ass attention, where she has a slave lick her anus while she lounges around. He slurps away at her asshole while she looks at her fingernails. Holly wanders by and the girls begin to chat about painting their nails, not really paying attention to the slave who is still fixated on lubricating Tory’s anus. Eventually Tory has had her fill, and she gives the slave to Holly to use as she sees fit.

Trampling On The Phone

I love catching random moments with the girls! The screams gave away that something was going on so I pulled some lights in place and filmed. Harmony was chatting on the phone with a girlfriend and for whatever reason wanted to trample the slave while doing so. He’s clearly in extreme pain as her heels repeatedly stab into his skin, but she could care less. ‘I said quiet, I’m on the phone!’ she tells the suffering slave and then resumes walking on her human treadmill.

Bitch Slapped

Some of the slaves that serve the ladies are powerful in real life, holding positions of authority over others at their jobs. That just makes it even more fun to unleash ladies like Mason and Angelina on them, because they don’t give a damn what he is in the outside world. In their world his is their bitch, and right now this bitch is going to be slapped mercilessly and spit on without care.

Mom Learns To Dominate Part 4

A man’s face is most useful when it’s under a woman’s ass, that’s the lesson Melissa is learning today. Harmony starts the demonstration by casually sitting full weight on his face to show Melissa that it doesn’t matter how much he struggles to breath and support her weight, he is just there to be an ass cushion and hence must endure. Next up is Melissa who is now starting to get into domination and has little trouble sitting on his face. She does both forward and reverse face sitting and loves every minute of it! So far so good, Melissa has learned many ways to re-purpose men into useful tools for women. What’s next for this hot milf?

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