Sweaty Armpits And Ass Cracks

You know how it is ladies, you sit outside tanning in your bikini all day and your armpits and ass crack get all sweaty. What’s a girl to do? ‘Clean my armpits’ is what Harmony does, ordering a slave to lick the sweat from her armpits. ‘That’s all your good for, you think you’re anything special?’ she adds as he licks and slobbers away, getting her sweaty pits all nice and clean. Then she has him move to her ass crack which is also just teeming with sweat. His tongue gets deep into her ass crack licking away any traces of sweat and filth. Holly’s ass needs cleaning also, so he moves from one perfect ass to another licking hers with the same quality of service as with Harmony. There we go, the sweaty armpit and ass crack problem is solved. Who said a mans mouth was useless?

Life As A Seat Cushion

What’s it like to be re-purposed as a seat cushion for women? This clip answers that very question, as it’s shot entirely at ass level with three different female asses using his face as an ass resting place. The girls engage in various conversations like discussing penis sizes, masturbation, typical girl talk, yet they totally ignore the fact that a mans nose it buried deep between their ass cheeks.

Suffer For Leah

Leah is an interesting girl. She doesn’t raise her voice, and only speaks in her natural sweet feminine tone. And oh my goodness she has a body worth taking a bullet for. But don’t let that sweet exterior fool you! She is sadistic and demands devotion, a lesson that this slave is about to learn. He wants to serve Leah but such a privilege won’t come easy. ‘You have to beg for it, and you have to earn it’ she says, hinting to this slave that to be her pet means learning to take pain for her. She whips the kneeling slave for a long while, then stands in front of him saying ‘Beg For it’. The slave grovels before her, kissing her supple thighs while begging Leah to take him as her pet. But she is not impressed. ‘Not good enough’ she says, steps back and resumes whipping. The pain is building now with the slave clearly struggling to maintain composure for her. Again she stops, stands in front of him and repeats ‘One more time, beg for it’, permitting the slave to grovel for her ownership once again. He kisses and begs his future owner, better than before but still not up to her expectations. ‘Not good enough’ she says, steps back again and resumes whipping him. The slave is really hurting now, the whip leaving so many painful marks all over him that he is screaming from every cut of the whip. Leah meanwhile is cute and calm as always, smiling so sweetly and giggling while the slave endures hell. One more time she stops, stands in front of him, and gives him the chance to beg to be her property. This time the slave is begging like a champ, kissing her everywhere profusely and grovelling for her every attention as a proper slave should. ‘I’ll sign another slave contact if I have to Mistress’ the slave adds, which slightly pleases Leah getting her to coo ‘Hmmmm…..perhaps’ in her ever sweet tone. Looks like the pain is finally sinking in and the slave is acting as he should towards her. One more round is due though, and Leah steps back and whips him some more. This time she stops, stands back in front of him and doesn’t say a word. The slave now knows what to do and instantly resumes begging to be hers. Much better. She dismisses him with ‘Go make my dinner’, allowing the slave to reflect on his painful whip marks while preparing her food.

For Her Pleasure

Poor sweet Leah, all that whipping that she inflicted on the slave made her tired. Time for some relaxation! She grabs a porn magazine, sits back comfortably and has her pet casually lick her womanhood. Ahhhh nothing like some post whipping cunnilingus to sooth her sore muscles. She doesn’t say anything to the slave, she just enjoys his devotion along with some afternoon delight.

His Balls Paid The Price

‘Isn’t it a privilege to be kissing my sweet ass?’ Pepper so innocently asks. Alas the cost of such a privilege is severe. In this case, his balls must pay the price. Pepper smacks them with a savagery that you wouldn’t expect from such a petite and innocent looking girl. But she is far from innocent, she loves making men suffer for the privilege of worshiping her. ‘Beg for more’ she demands, smacking his balls without pity as the screaming slave struggles to kiss her ass the way she likes it. ‘Is it worth the pain?’ she asks with a smile on her face, knowing that the slave must be in horrific pain from the beating she is giving his balls. But she loves every minute of it. ‘I didn’t tell you to stop kissing’ she reminds him, smacking his balls multiple times to get her point across that his mouth is to remain on her ass at all times. *SMACK*, another hit to the balls followed by ‘Say thank you’ as Pepper loves to hear slaves begging for more pain. *SMACK* another direct hit to the balls immediately after he thanks her for the privilege of kissing her ass. The smile on Peppers face says it all, she loves inflicting pain on men.

Mom Learns To Dominate Part 5

Control the cock and you control the man, it’s one of the most important tools in a dominant woman’s arsenal. That is what Melissa is learning today! Harmony sits on the slaves faces and shows Melissa how to bring a slave to the edge of orgasm only to repeatedly deny him any. ‘All these things remind him who’s boss’ she says, showing her how to turn a man into a blubbering mess just by controlling his cock. ‘How do you know when he’s close?’ Melissa asks, ever curious to learn the technique. ‘He begs like a bitch’ is Harmony’s reply, mocking the poor slaves ordeal in the process. ‘Can i cum mistress?’ the slave begs, ‘No!’ is the instant reply from Harmony and his hand is pulled away. This tease and denial process is repeated, and then Harmony hands the slave over to Melissa for her to get some hands on training. The ass on the slaves face is replaced, and now Melissa is sitting on his face allowing the slave to associate the smell of her ass with his orgasm pleasure. ‘May i cum?’ he hopelessly begs yet again, only for Melissa to reply ‘No don’t even think about it’. She augments the torment by pulling his hand away and running her finger nails on his throbbing penis. This must be pure denial hell for the slave, but it’s only just beginning. ‘Touch yourself … now stop … touch yourself … stop’, Melissa makes him start and stop over and over again. ‘Look at him, he wants to cum so bad’ Melissa says with glee, only to pull his hand away yet again. In the end the slave gets nothing but a severe case of blue balls. Melissa on the other hand is feeling more empowered than ever.

Latina Foot Service

I so adore Latina women. They understand their natural supremacy over men, how they deserve to be served, adored and pampered at all times. So when Pepper watches TV, she doesn’t just let slaves stand in a corner or idle in a closet, she has them worship her. She sits atop her throne enjoying some TV while two slaves suck on her toes. One slave serves dual purpose by also holding her water bottle for her. She completely ignores the slaves while they go about their oral ministrations, suckling on her toes trying to extract every bit of feminine nutrients that they can. Their tongues dive deep between her toes, under her toe nails, anywhere they find that delightful feminine foot taste. Both slaves appear to be almost in a trance like state as they close their eyes and adore this woman, both being so appreciative that she lets them serve as her slaves. They are very lucky indeed!

Taking Care Of Goddess

The slave is patiently kneeling and holding a towel. Why is he doing that? A quick peek shows that it’s because his new owner Leah is taking a shower, so he kneels beside her tub waiting to be of service. Eventually Leah is done, steps out and has the slave dry her. She takes care of her hair while the slave tends to the needs of her body, drying her thighs, boobs, everywhere that needs it. She turns around and says ‘Make sure my ass is clean’, presenting her perfect ass to the slave for a post shower deep tongue cleaning. The slave digs in, licking deep in her ass crack for those areas that her shower may have missed. Leah ignores her pet and just stands there patiently waiting for him to complete grooming her. When she is satisfied that her asshole is clean she pushes him away and walks out, leaving the slave to clean up after her and make sure the shower is spotless for the next time she needs it. Lucky slave, it’s not always just pain and suffering, sometimes he gets to perform some very intimate slave service!

Trampling Really Hurts

Trampling is certainly a very painful experience. Not for Harmony though since she is the one doing the trampling, so she doesn’t really care that this slave screams non stop while she walks on him. ‘Don’t be a pussy or I’ll put you on the street’ she says, tiring of his complaints. Her heels leave pretty marks on this slave, deep scaring which brings a smile to Harmony’s face. Eventually she brings her friend Holly over and has her scar the slaves back some more. Her gorgeous pink thigh high boots look so good on her, it’s almost as if they were designed for slave torture. ‘Awww, does that hurt?’ she says as she breaks in her new heels. The girls are certainly having fun, but it’s sure gonna take some time for these marks to heal.

Get On The Bed, Lick My Ass

Overall, I’d say that being Nika’s slave is a pretty good gig. Sure she does have some sadistic streaks, like she seems to take pleasure in whipping a mans penis. But overall Nika tends to favor oral service, meaning most of the time the slave can expect to have his mouth on either her asshole or her womanhood. Just like in this clip, Nika is taking an afternoon cat nap so she has the slave deeply lick her asshole while she snoozes. She really likes the wet feel of a mans tongue on her anus, so she has her slave perform that service to her as often as possible. The pain Nika inflicts can be harsh, but the rewards are oh so worth it!

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