Marked For Life

At first when the girls walked by with fencing foils, I thought they were gonna duel. Then when I noticed they were walking to the bound slave I quickly realized that they had something totally different in mind. As if whipping a slave isn’t painful enough, the girls start hitting him with the foils! The slave very quickly starts to violently shake and scream, putting heavy stress on the entire mechanism that is binding him in place, but the mechanism holds leaving the slave no where to go. These girls are clearly tired of this slaves complaining and they start to carve up his skin with little pity. Mina slashes up one side while Natalie slashes up the other, leaving the slave in the middle to scream and beg for mercy. Mina even gives him a swift kick in the nuts for some bonus suffering. How can two so deliciously looking girls be so heartless?

Six Heels Need Cleaning

The girls are all dolled up and ready for a night on the town. But first, a spit shine of all their footwear is in order! Harmony goes first and grants the slave the privilege of licking her red boots clean, giving them that sparkle and shine to make them pop when she struts down the street. The girls are patient and they chat amongst themselves while the slave performs his task, but they still whip him as a reminder to hurry up. Vanessa is next, and she is sporting lovely black heels that look as if they were designed for licking in mind. Finally its Holly’s turn, and her mesh boots get the fine male tongue cleaning that they deserve. Damn these girls look so gorgeous, it almost makes a foot man want to weep in happiness!

Worship Amy - I Snap You Stroke

This clip is from our former Worship Amy website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Amy always loved orgasm control. The thrill of controlling a man

Balls Meet Boots

The ever sadistic Mistress Lexia just loves to torture balls. She kicks them, slaps them, squeezes them, anything to torture his family jewels. ‘You are trembling!’ she says, finding the whole ball torture ordeal quite amusing. The slave isn’t finding the situation quite as amusing though. But he endures for her, what choices does he have anyways?

The New Couch

These three young cuties are chatting up a storm, talking about what they are going to be doing this weekend as well as a variety of other things. At the same time they seem to be playing a game of musical face sitting, as Ruby, Nikky and Amy each take turns sitting on the slaves face. They don’t really say anything to the slave, in fact they don’t seem to even notice his existence very much at all aside from using his face as a place for them to rest their ass cheeks on.

Lubricating Her Asshole

Pepper is having herself an afternoon snooze. It’s been a tough day for her, with all that slave torture she’s had to dish out so she has earned some rest. The slave of course hasn’t earned any so he’s put to work licking her asshole while she snoozes. She looks so cute and comfortable on the couch, not a care in the world as she rests comfortably after a hard day while her asshole is delicately lubed.

At Her Beck And Call

There are more uses to men than just being used as receptacles for torture and waste. It’s convenient to have them hanging around to provide random service when the girls are too lazy to move. Like Harmony, she keeps a slave standing nearby for instant butler service when she feels the need. A crack of the whip signals the slave that she needs something. ‘I’m thirsty’ she commands, and the slave fetches her water. But the water is warm. Another whip crack gets the slave to go back and fetch her some cold water. She sips and reads, but tires of her magazine. No need for her to get up and get another one herself though, instead another crack of the whip will yield the same result. ‘Get me my other magazine.’ she coldly commands, speaking to the slave the bare minimum required for him to complete his task. Another whipping followed by ‘Get the remote’, seems like she wants to watch TV. After serving her needs the bound slave returns every time back against the wall, standing there waiting to serve her next need which comes fairly quickly. *whip* ‘Service my feet’ she demands, and the slave kneels as best he can in his shackles and licks her feet. It looks mighty uncomfortable for the slave, but he knows that displeasing Harmony is a very bad idea.

Worship My Body

Here’s a lost clip from the vault! The very curvy Sophie is putting on her bikini, but she craves some body worship. In comes her slave and starts to lick her wherever she demands. ‘Keep licking while i get dressed’ she demands as she toys with her hair. ‘Work your way up to my ass’, a most unnecessary command for any slave that is presented with an ass as edible as Sophie’s. He lunges right into her ass crack happily licking away as she puts her top on. Eventually she sends his tongue back down to her feet as she completes getting dressed. It’s an interesting look behind the scenes at some very personal slave service.

Mom Learns To Dominate Part 7

Well now things are getting really interesting! Melissa notices the device around the slaves balls and asks ‘What is it?’. Harmony explains that it’s a shock collar, so whenever the slave orally pleases her she sends an electric shock to his balls when he isn’t performing exactly as she wants. Looks like a demonstration is in order! Harmony lies back and has the slave orally perform. She sends a shock to the slave so that Melissa sees the result, where the slave screams in pain but then orally performs better than before. The device is initially set at just level 20 of pain, but it goes much higher, which is sometimes needed on stubborn slaves. ‘Put it to 30’ Harmony says, then Melissa shocks him again. This time the slave really lets out a yelp, which seems to please Melissa as she adds ‘I think 30 is the magic number’ with an evil grin on her face. Another shock sends more pain to the slaves crotch area, and Harmony reminds him ‘Your pain is secondary to our pleasure!’. He performs his best, but with two ladies two please it will be very hard to avoid pain. ‘Make her cum or I’m gonna put this thing to 50 and zap you’ Melissa says as Harmony begins her well deserved climax. Wow, who would have thought this sweet Mom would turn so hardcore? You can see the look of power in her eyes now, and now it’s her turn to orgasm. ‘Now I’m getting into this, you better be good’ Melissa says and you can she she’s all business. ‘May I start’ the slave asks, as he is slightly scared of Melissa now. He has a good reason to be, she is clearly in control now. He begins to lick her but his tongue is a bit tired after having already made Harmony climax. ‘I think he needs to learn how to do it faster’ Melissa says, and Harmony send some voltage straight to his balls causing him to scream yet again. Now he is performing properly, so Melissa lies back and accepts his oral work. As if the pain of the shocker isn’t enough, Melissa even painfully rests her high heels on his shoulders making him grunt in pain. ‘Zap ’em’ Melissa coldly says and again the slave is screaming, but he regains his composure and continues to orally serve Melissa ultimately bringing her to climax as well. ‘Go away’ Melissa says as she violently shoves him away. Having had her climax she now no longer has any use for him anyways, and Harmony then shocks him just because she feels like it. ‘He almost lost it for me, zap him again’ Melissa adds, not totally impressed with his performance, and yet again more voltage goes to the slaves balls causing more screaming. The progress of this mom is incredible, she is now a woman not to be trifled with!

Man Repurposed As Chair

The slave is clearly in some discomfort here. As the camera pans in you can hear him moaning and whimpering in pain, the weight of Leah on his face must be causing him severe issues in his face area. Or is it her heels that she has resting on his stomach? Hard to be sure exactly where the pain is coming from. One thing is sure though, and that is that Leah looks comfortable as she enjoys her magazine. She looks quite gorgeous as well, those shorts hug her curves very nicely!

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