Dominatrix School Part 1

Ruby, Nicole and Britney are three young girls who tire of being taken for granted by boys, so they come to see Mistress Mina for guidance. Mina is an experienced Dominatrix who has many male slaves in her stable. She is accustomed to a life of comfort, with all tedious chores handled for her by the weaker sex. Now she will teach these ladies to do the same, how to take control of men and convert them into adoring slaves and servants. After meeting the girls, Mina calls for her bitches and instantly four men run over and kneel at her feet. Another command and they are all licking and kissing her feet in a sign of worship, adoration and devotion to Mina. The girls naturally are nervous. This is the first time any of them have delved into female domination, and it’s certainly the first time they’ve ever seen four grown men grovel at the foot of a powerful woman! But Mina will teach them slowly, at their pace. She sends a slave over to each of them, and now each girl has a slave worshiping her feet. The girls look down in shock and amazement! One has to be wondering what is going through their minds right now. Maybe they can’t believe that this is really happening. Or perhaps they are wondering why they didn’t enslave men sooner. Either way, they seem to be enjoying themselves and they start asking Mina many questions, trying to learn what’s involved in being a Dominatrix. Mina explains how men handle all chores as well as serve as sex slaves, toilet slaves, torture slaves and so on. Nicole in a sweet and shy voice asks if she can have a slave lick her clean after she has used the toilet, and is thrilled to find out how normal a service like that is when one owns a male slave. During all of this conversation the men remain groveling at their feet. Enjoy this first in a series of many clips as these young girls learn to become dominant women. The transformation is fascinating to watch as none of these girls have ever done anything like this! How will they all turn out in the end?

Dominatrix School Part 2

The female ass, it’s like kryptonite to male slaves bringing them instantly to their knees and tossing them deep into a submissive head space. Mina fully understands the power of the female ass, and is now imparting that knowledge to her femdommes in training. ‘Start’ Mina commands, and the slaves are now kneeling and kissing female ass in gratitude and appreciation of it’s perfection. ‘Everybody can use this’ Nicole comments, seems like she is taking a liking to having a man adore her backside. One of the ladies even says ‘Nibble on my ass’, demanding a bit more ass attention than just the default kisses and sniffs. It really is a delightful scene, four hot women with four men adoring their asses in appreciation of female supremacy. Something about the whole scene just seems so right ๐Ÿ™‚

Pleasure Her Or Your Balls Will Pay

Jennifer isn’t asking too much, she just wants some oral attention. Oh yeah there is one catch, she will slap his balls if he doesn’t perform as she wants. The slave does attempt to lick her as valiantly as he can, but somehow it isn’t always quite what Jennifer is looking for. A slap to the balls seems to rectify the situation and she is happy again, but just briefly. So another slap is in order. It turns out that slave balls are quite an effective tool at controlling performance.

Mom Learns To Dominate Part 8

Melissa has learned much today about converting men from alpha males to enslaved pets. She needs a break, so the girls chill outside a bit talking about the days events. By habit, Harmony brings out a slave to be her ashtray, so it turns out that even this break can be a lesson in domination! Objectification in this case, as Harmony uses his mouth as her ashtray without even thinking about it, and the slave sits there lying totally quiet and still. Melissa watches and is intrigued, but no longer shocked as she is now starting to come to grips with the things men will endure for women. Given how good Melissa looks lounging there in her dress and sun glasses and how confident she has become, I’d say that this slaves next activity will be a painful one.

Start At Legs Finish At Ass

Harmony likes the feel of kisses on the backs of her legs, so this slave serves that purpose for her. Eventually though her attention shifts from her legs to her ass and she now commands ‘Find your way up and sniff my ass’. The slaves hands are bound so it’s a bit difficult for him to move, but he bobbles his way up until his nose is buried between her ass cheeks and he begins to inhale deep. With every deep breath more and more of that fresh delightful feminine ass air begins circulating in the slaves lungs. Such a lucky slave to have her ass fumes inside him!

Nice Day For A Smoke

It’s such a nice day to enjoy a smoke by the pool, so Vanessa makes the most of it. She puts a slave to work licking her as she satisfies her nicotine fix. Lying back in comfort, Vanessa soaks in the sounds of nature, the birds, rustling leaves, and in this case the lapping sound of a slave tongue at work. The slave of course doesn’t disturb Vanessa, he understands his role is merely as tongue so he performs his role diligently but quietly.

Latex Girls

Mina and Natalie had finished savagely whipping a slave, then the poor tired ladies took a break and started chatting about life, their degrees, and so on. They looked so deliciously hot though in their latex outfits that I just had to film them. The camera ogles their latex clad bodies soaking in every delightful feminine feature, from the backs of their thighs, the curves of their hips, to their latex clad bottoms. My goodness these ladies look so good it almost hurts.

Whip Sisters

Natalie and Mina love to whip, especially as a tag team. No need to waste any time, they string the slave up and get busy whipping. Pain sluts are their favorite and this slave won’t disappoint. He takes a non stop whipping from both girls, thanking them as the pain continues to increase. The sounds their pitiless whips make are intoxicating, making the slave moan and writhe in pain. ‘Such a good little pain slut’ Natalie comments, content with the pain he is enduring for them, then they resume administering pain. The girls are gorgeous but incredibly sadistic with their whips, and to earn the privilege of their audience means suffering the pain of their whips.

Chillin At The TV

Tory is just chillin, watching some TV on a relaxed afternoon. She doesn’t need the slave so he’s bound, in chastity, and submerged somewhere under her ass. Not much else going on in this scene, just Tory with a slave under her ass.

Dominatrix School Part 3

The only thing better than drinking the spit from a beautiful girl is drinking the spit from four beautiful girls. One lucky slave was chosen by Mina to demonstrate spit consumption, now he lies back mouth agape waiting for the girls to deposit their second hand water into his mouth. Copious amounts of spit dribble from their fine lips right into the waiting slaves mouth, accumulating into a pool of female waste. Mina does not let him swallow it so it just keeps building up. She makes him gargle their spit, relish it, enjoy the privilege of having their waste in his mouth. Finally she lets him swallow the organic concoction. Now the slave has all four of them inside his belly.

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