She Texts He Shaves

Sophie doesn’t bother with the tedious details of life, she just has her slaves handle them for her. Like shaving her legs, it’s a task that needs to be occasionally done, but a task that a male slave if perfectly suited for. So she sits back and texts her girlfriends while he takes care of beautifying her legs. It’s always interesting how quietly and diligently a well whipped slave performs!

Get Some Water, Bathe My Feet

This clip immediately follows the previous one, where Sophie now wants her feet bathed and worshiped. The slave rinses off any remains of shaving cream from her now soft and smooth legs, and immediately shifts his total attention to her bare feet. The warm water soothes Sophie’s aches away as the slave rubs and cleans her feet with detailed attention. His tongue serves to get out those tougher stains on the bottom of her feet, followed by a warm water rinse to make sure they are sparking clean. All the while Sophie continues to text, ignoring her slave who knows his purpose right now is to devote 100% of his being to the care of her feet.

Worship Amy - Three Minutes On The Clock

This clip is from our former Worship Amy website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Quick now, three minutes to climax! That

Dominatrix School Part 5

‘When you are ready to cum, you have to ask permission first’. Those words from Mina to the slave set the tone for this lesson, that of orgasm control and denial. The slave looks ridiculous lying down stroking himself in front of all these ladies, but what choice does he have? He is Mina’s pet and she has told him to stroke, so he strokes. The girls observe, slapping his face occasionally to add to the humiliation of the situation. The slave eventually begs for orgasm permission and it’s granted by Mina, only for her to push his hand away with her heel as his climax begins. ‘Awwwww’ purrs Mina, ‘That’s all you can cum right now’. It’s important for the dommes in training to learn that a mans penis is actually the property of a woman, and that includes controlling when he gets to orgasm. Ruining a mans orgasm is an excellent way to remind slaves that if and when they get pleasure is a decision solely determined by their female owner.

Honey I

Leah is a very beautiful woman. She’s also a woman of few words because she expects slaves to perform, otherwise they are discarded. This slave is well trained in what Leah wants and needs, so he knows to expect a high voltage shock to his balls once Leah comes home. Sure enough Leah walks in, presses the button on her remote control and the slave lets out a scream from another part of the house. He hurries over, hands her today’s mail, and begins to profusely kiss her feet. Leah ignores him, checks the mail for a bit then meanders on over to the couch where she lies back in comfort while the slave continues to adore her feet. She doesn’t say much, maybe the poor doll is tired from a hard day. But the slave knows that a lack of commands from Leah doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be adoring her, so he continues to kiss and adore his goddess while she relaxes.

His Begging Won

This slave sure is whining a lot. Not like it matters though because these girls will whip him one way or the other. Jennifer seems particular harsh, looking all hot in her tone body she just doesn’t seem to care much about the slaves moans and groans as she lets into him with the whip. The slave will eventually get used to the pain, and the girls are having fun which is all that really matters anyways.

Trampled, Stomped And Scraped

Another day, another set of tortures for Lexia’s slave. She has already heavily marked up his back, now she feels like marking up his stomach and chest areas using her favorite implements of torture, her feet. With her lovely black high heels she alternates between trampling, scraping and stomping the slave. It seems like this slave is kept in a permanent state of pain as he always seems to have scars on him. I guess that’s how Lexia likes it.

Dominatrix School Part 6

The good thing about having four slaves around is that every female has a place to rest her ass, namely on a slaves face. The girls take a break and sit on slave faces while Mina talks about what they will be doing next. Apparently the next lessons will be inflicting pain on the slaves and Mina gets into the details of what’s to come, namely whipping, cbt, trampling, etc. Meanwhile the slaves lie there quietly while their faces are used as seat cushions.

Why Are They Stepping On Him?

It really is a legitimate question when you think about it, why are they stepping on him? I didn’t have the courage to ask the girls though so instead I just filmed them and stayed out of their way. They don’t seem to have any particular reason for trampling the slave as he hasn’t done anything wrong. Maybe they just feel like trying out their tall black boots on flesh? Holly and Tori do look quite ravishing in those boots come to think of it.

Mom Learns To Dominate Part 10

The application of the whip, it does wonders for male behavior as well as remind them of what pain awaits slaves should they fail to perform. ‘This is really fascinating’ comments Melissa, watching as Harmony warms up the slave with the whip. She then hands it to Melissa who takes over marking up the slaves back. But when the slave calls mercy it seems to really irritate Melissa. ‘Bitches say mercy’ she yells into his ear, obviously disappointed with his inability to take pain from her today. Hard to believe this is the same mom that initially started out so timid!

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