Vanessa loves whores. She takes them, tosses them over a chair and fucks them without pity. Whether or not they are enjoying themselves in inconsequential, she demands that they take her strap-on and say that they like it and beg for more.

Earning Boob

This slave has boob on the mind. Who could blame him, as Brooke has a fine pair of suckable boobs. She decides to let him suckle them, but as always there is a catch. He must endure repeated electric shocks to his balls from her remote control zapper to prove his worth. She teases him with the prize, dangling her boobs right near his mouth, then she makes him kneel at attention and maintain his composure as the torture begins. She sits back comfortably and repeatedly applies voltage directly to his balls. The slave is screaming in pain, doing his best to stay at attention for her as she just keeps on zapping them. Then she calls him close, putting boob close to face making him think that he has won his reward. But not yet! She sends him back for another series of shocks to his balls. The slave is starting to sweat now, the pain is horrific but he so wants both to impress his owner as well as earn the treasured reward! Finally she lets him come close again, talking sweetly to him and presenting him her boobs. But again she pulls away, he hasn’t earned them yet! Back he goes for a final series of shocks. He really struggles to take this last set of voltage to his scrotal sack, and when she is finally done he clasps his hands to his head in relief that the ordeal is finally over. Now he gets to suckle boob. The pain was intense, but definitely worth the reward!

Dominatrix School Part 7

Ok, I admit that I am slightly infatuated with Mina. Watching her whip slaves to me is pure pleasure. So watching her teach these girls to whip a slave was incredible, especially since she changed into an outfit that will affect male heart rates everywhere! She leads off warming up the slave with some whipping, giving the girls the basic idea of how to whip a slave. Then the girls take over, first with Ruby. It’s funny that no matter how sweet a girl is, put a whip in her hand and her personality changes pretty quickly! The girls have no problem cutting this slave down to size as his back gets marked up very quickly. He moans and writhes in pain but it makes little difference, the pack mentality of the ladies has kicked in and now they are all torturing him at a fever pitch. Mina ends off the slaves agony by giving him a good final thrashing with the whip. Such a lovely clip ๐Ÿ™‚

Dominatrix School Part 8

The sensitive ball region, not many guys like to be smacked down there. Turns out this slave won’t have a lot of say in the matter as Mina is using him to demonstrate ball torture. She sits on him and slaps his balls, then she lets each of the girls take their turns doing the same. He bucks like an amusement park ride while taking the beating, but that just makes it more fun for the girls!

California Dreaming

Awww, Delilah looks so cute! She’s ensconced in blanket, relaxing on a hammock while the slave expertly massages her feet. She coos occasionally in pleasure, taking in the foot adoration that the slave is heaping on her. Mostly though she just drifts off letting the slave treat female feet as they were intended to be treated.

Tongue In Anus

Why is it that women love to have a mans tongue deep in their ass? One day I will have to ask Leah about that. But for now you can just sit back and watch as her devoted slave tenderly licks her asshole while she is comfortably lying on her bed. Initially she seems to be reading a catalog of some sort, but eventually she just dozes off and accepts his anus worship.

Worship Amy - Under My Ass

This clip is from our former Worship Amy website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Ever dream of being face sat by Amy? Well now is your chance, as this clip lets you see what it would be like to have Amy ignore you as she sits on your face.

Two Girls And A Rug

‘Aww does it hurt?’ the ladies coo. They ask the question, but it seems like Leah and Chloe don’t really care a whole lot about the answer. Yeah there is a slave screaming really loudly underneath their stiletto massage, but wow they look so good though in their cute little shorts!

Smoking Hotties

Looks like it’s recess at Dominatrix School, as the girls are taking a smoke break. Fortunately at Dominatrix School slaves are always on hand for a variety of needs, so ashtray duty will be handled by a male mouth. The girls totally ignore him and talk about the latest events while the slaves mouth takes care of ash from all three of their cigarettes.

Dominatrix School Part 9

It’s Trampling 101 today at Dominatrix School where the girls learn another use for their pretty high heels, namely scaring a mans skin. As always the teacher Mina leads by example, showing the pretty heel marks that are generated when a lady tramples a slave while wearing high heels. Nicole is the first student to try it, followed by Ruby and then Britney. Wow that sure is one noisy slave, but aside from his screaming it looks like class went well today.

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