Ruby Smokes

After a good whipping comes a smoke break. Ruby heads outside and puffs away while her slave prospect adores her feet. She occasionally throws a glance at the slave to see his level of grovelling and adoration for her, but mostly she just enjoys a smoke outside.

Mom Learns To Dominate Part 11

A slaves mouth locked to a female anus is a common sight in a female dominated household, something that Melissa will now learn. Harmony has the slave first start licking her asshole, showing her how a mans mouth can be used both to pleasure her ass and to provide hygiene for the female anus by making sure it’s clean at all times. Then slave mouth naturally moves to Melissa’s backside and he begins his oral work there. This is clearly a life of comfort that Melissa can get used to!

Her Smelly Stockings

‘Make sure you’re breathing very deep’ Ruby reminds the slave, as he continues to breath in the scent of her smelly stockings. Ruby has her feet resting on her slaves face, and her stockings were kind of smelly so she re-purposed the slaves lungs as an air filter. Now the slave lies there inhaling in all fumes from her feet so that Ruby doesn’t have to.

Balls Whipped And Tortured

You gotta love Natalie and Mina, they don’t mess around. Tie the slave up so he can’t escape, and torture his balls. Seems like they take intense pleasure in hearing a slaves pain, and this slave is so well bound up that he has no choice but to endure for them until their sadistic needs are satiated.

Worship Amy - Aren

This clip is from our former Worship Amy website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Doesn

Over Her Knee

Julie Simone could care less that the slave arrived late because of traffic. What she does care about is that her laundry should have been taken care of by the slave over forty minutes ago. Now he needs to be disciplined for his tardiness. Over her knee he goes to have his ass turned beet red. She starts bare handed, then moves to a paddle. Finally she moves to her strict wooden paddle and oh boy is the slave in pain now. He is flailing all over the place but Julie holds him on her lap and continues to administer discipline. Maybe not being able to sit down for a week will remind this slave to be on time.


Ruby and Eva want to see how long the slave can hold his breath. Using their asses they dunk his head under the water and hold it there by sitting full weight on his face. Hmm not bad he held it for quite a while, but time to try again. Over and over the girls dunk him under water, make him hold his breath, and then let him struggle to get some fresh air as they give him just a few seconds above water before they face sit him again. Meanwhile the girls chat about what they want to have for dinner.

Wearing Their Whip Marks

Nowadays girls like Eva and Ruby not only have slaves serve them, but they also enjoy marking them up for their pleasure. This slave takes a whipping he will never forget as the girls cut into him repeatedly with their whips. He begs for mercy but none is given as the girls feed off his cries of pain and deliver more suffering from their whips. So young and so cute, yet somehow so incredibly sadistic.

Thank Me For Slapping You

Jennifer is pissed about something, and what is clear is that this slave will be the recipient of her slaps. She even spits on his face to add to the ridicule. I wonder what he did? Then again maybe she just feels like degrading him today.

Happy Dog Plays Fetch

Parker loves dogs, and today she will play with hers. She makes him beg, roll over, and fetch his toys. She even tosses them into the pool, giving him a really good workout. Then she rewards him by letting him kiss her feet. Such a well behaved and obedient dog!

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