Scent Of A Woman

For a male, being intimately familiar with the scent of his female owner is very important. For this reason Brooke likes to make her slaves deeply inhale her various smells when they don’t have any current task. Right now she is chatting on the phone so she rests her feet on his back and has him deeply smell her high heel shoes for the entire time. The slave inhales deep, extracting all manner of foot particles embedded in her shoes and transferring them to the insides of his lungs. Eventually she gets off the phone and takes a cat nap, but the slave was not given the order to stop. So he just keeps on inhaling her essence while she snoozes.


Looks like the hot milf Jenna has approved of the slave so far as she is now letting him smell her ass. It’s imperative to Jenna that he become accustomed to the smell of her ass as a sign of his loyalty and devotion to her. It’s also imperative that he become accustomed to pain if he intends to remain her slave, so she slaps his balls while he smells. She alternates it, letting him ingest her ass fumes as a reward for good service so far, and then slapping his balls as a reminder that he is still just a slave to her and nothing more.

Reading A Good Book

Apparently the book Tori is looking at must be fascinating because she is totally ignoring the slave under her ass. It’s so fascinating that Holly comes over curious as to what is so special about this book, and then the girls exchange places on the slaves face while Holly looks at it. The slaves face looks to be straining a bit under the load of asses but the girls pay no attention to him.

Checking Their Chores

Julie Simone is waking up from her afternoon nap, so it’s a good time to check on her slaves. She groggily meanders over to the bathroom where she sees one of her slaves cleaning her toilet. She checks his progress, makes him kiss her feet in subservience, then put him back to work and walks on. Now she is in the kitchen where another slave is cleaning the floor. She inspects his work and is happy that his toothbrush is cleaning all that pesky dirt that tends to stain tile grout. Now content, she puts him back to work and heads outside where she lays down and goes back to sleep. Just another day in the life of a domme.

Pampering The Female Part 1

Dominant women definitely lead interesting lives. The typical day to day things that most people are bogged down with are simply of no concern to them. Slaves take care of everything for them, and if they fail they are tortured. Sometimes I like to film these day to day activities, such as this three part clip series. Tori and Ruby were just lounging around not really doing a whole lot. Ruby was reading a book, Tori was texting, and the slave was pampering them. In this clip he is taking care of Tori’s tone and beautiful legs, delicately shaving them while she lies back mostly ignoring him.

Pampering The Female Part 2

With Tori’s legs suitably pampered, the slave now moves on to her feet. His kisses, licks, sucks and generally adores her cute feet. Eventually he gently places her feet down and moves over to Ruby where his tongue resumes it’s work, now licking her feet clean. He performs expertly, handling her feet gently yet making sure to thoroughly lick them everywhere. This slave has been trying to earn the privilege of becoming Ruby’s personal slave so makes sure his adoration is up to her exacting standards.

Pampering The Female Part 3

‘Go get the nail polish’ Ruby commands and the slave scampers off. Having tired of his oral foot worship she now wants him to paint her toenails. The slave returns and gets to it, slowly and carefully painting her toenails. Meanwhile Ruby ignores him as she is totally engrossed in her book, and Tori still lounges around nearby. This is the last clip from this series and it’s definitely an interesting series to watch for men out there that long to be personal slaves of dominant women. It’s not always intense action, often you will be put to work doing mundane tasks and largely ignored while the girls go about their lives.

Girl Talk

Some good old fashioned afternoon girl talk with Harmony, Holly and Vanessa. Seems like the girls are going over the pressing matters of the day while watching tv, namely nail polish, men shaving their chests, and shark diving. A closer glance though reveals that there is a man underneath all this female flesh. The girls change places every now and then to make sure a fresh ass in on his face, but mostly they just ignore him.

Earning Toilet Slavery Privilege

We get emails all the time from slaves that want to be toilets for the girls, and they wonder what it takes to earn such a privilege. Let’s be clear on this, the privilege of drinking waste from a female has to be earned through loyal service and the willingness to accept pain for them. So when Pepper asks ‘How bad do you want it’ she is hinting the slave that he will have to endure much suffering if he wants to drink from her. ‘You’re gonna take a good beating for it aren’t you?’ she adds as she prepares to torture. Pepper may be just 4 feet 11 in height, but she is more than willing to make slaves suffer as this slave quickly learns. She whips with little pity, because if this slave is to earn her waste then he will have to suffer. ‘Beg to be my toilet!’ she yells as the crack of the whip mercilessly cuts into him repeatedly. In the end she doesn’t even tell the slave if he did earn toilet privilege. Perhaps she has other tests in store for him first.

Post Whipping Relaxation

Eva and Ruby had just finished brutally whipping this poor slave when Eva sat back to text some girlfriends. So I quickly grabbed the camera and started filming. She was sitting back all casual and content while the slave was worshiping her feet, kissing them in gratitude and appreciation that Eva allows him the privilege of being her slave. Eva keeps her whip at her side but she doesn’t pay attention to the slave, she lets him go about his adoration of her feet.

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