Cat Scratch Fever

Women do tend to be very cat like, the way they move with grace, purr so delightfully, and apparently clawing men with their fingernails. Samantha has planted her ass on the slaves face today and she is just raking her nails on the slave repeatedly like a cute little kitty. ‘Nothing but my scratching post aren’t you?’ she coos as the slave voices his complaints from somewhere underneath her ass. At least he gets to breath in her ass while he struggles for a breath.

Balls Destroyed

Sandy really has no respect for a mans balls. She knows how sensitive they are and how intensely painful it is for a man when they are slapped. But instead of handling them with care, she instead sits on the slaves face and starts smacking them full force. The pain the slave must be feeling is indescribable. He is writhing in pain under her ass as his balls begin to turn beet red from all the hits, but Sandy continues torturing them with a sadistic smile on her face.

Heel Scarification

Leah feels like branding her slave today, and she will use her high heels to do it. Scrape after scrape marks up the slaves back as she drags her heels on his bare skin over and over again. ‘Awwww’ she coos as the slave wriggles around trying to escape the pain, but there is no escape today. ‘Does that hurt?’ she asks as the torture continues with Leah’s smile getting larger as the slaves pain increases. These marks will forever remind him of his status as her slave long after the pain of her deep heel marks has subsided.

By Her Side

A loyal pet stays faithfully by the side of his owner. So when Jenna lounges outside for a smoke you can be sure her pet is not far behind. He is down at her feet, kissing and adoring them as they so rightfully deserve. Jenna doesn’t give the slave much attention though, she merely lies back and accepts his groveling and service. Such a good pet!

They Seem To Like Each Other

Looks like Tori and Ruby really like each other. They kiss and grope, taking pleasure in each other. Oh there is a slave around as well, but he is just underneath Ruby’s ass right now as the girls satisfy their needs. The sound of them making out is quite intoxicating!

Dumb Maid

I think it’s safe to say that Sandy is pissed. Her dumb maid is still washing plates when the kitchen should have been spotless by the time she was home. Now he will incur her wrath. She unloads a torrent of non stop verbal debasement, spitting and harsh face slapping to remind this maid that if he is going to serve her then he will have to obey. The slave apologizes but Sandy will have none of it. She does not wash plates, that is a mans job and he had better improve his performance otherwise he will be discarded.

Spitting Waste Into His Mouth

Brushing your teeth makes a lot of waste and it has to go somewhere. Some people spit it out in the sink, Pepper on the other hand likes to spit it into her slaves mouth. Why? Probably because she can. She doesn’t forget all those tongue scrapings either, all waste byproduct goes right into slave mouth for recycling.

Halloween High Heel Hijinx

Andriana and Molly are heading out to a Halloween party looking all edible in their outfits, but they feel they need to clean the bottom of their stiletto heels. In comes a willing slave offering himself as a sacrifice to the cause, and the girls start to scrape their heels on his back. They quickly forget about cleaning though and just start taking delight in scarring this slaves back. Back and forth their high heels go, leaving skin damage in their wake. The slave grunts and groans under the pain but he endures to please his owners. His back looks like minced meat by the time they are done doing their damage, but they look oh so good doing it. ‘Please goddess’ the slave begs as the pain becomes intense, to which Andriana just laughs and comments ‘That one is gonna leave a mark’. This slave will now forever wear the heel marks of Molly and Adriana, a small price to pay for the privilege of being their live in pet.

Vanessa Smokes

Vanessa loves to light up and smoke on a nice day. For whatever reason though, today she also seems to want to torment her slave by touching the hot tip of the cigarette to his balls. She does have all her weight on his face which helps keep him down, but the slave is definitely jumping around when his scrotal sac feels the heat!

Evil Women Use Whips

At first glance, Molly and Andriana seems like sweet girls. The type of cute girls you might meet at a coffee shop, or maybe at a club. What you don’t know is that though they may look all cute and adorable, they are both incredibly sadistic women who love nothing more that to lure men over and then torture them until they cry. We filmed a lot of cruel femdom footage with these two girls, and this clip is just a peek at what’s to come with them. Here they have a new male that wants to be their pet, but he has no idea what he is in store for. He starts off smiling, confident that he can endure being whipped by them. After all, how harsh can these cuties really be? It doesn’t take long for him to realize that these are no ordinary women as the whip begins to cut into him, over and over and over again. He is clearly suffering now as the harsh marks all over him indicate, but the girls are just getting warmed up. They remain cute during the whole ordeal, but they cut into him with the whip non stop. I lost count of how often they whipped him, but the scars on his body tell the tale. In the end the smile was quickly wiped off the slaves face and he suffered horrific torture at their hands. But that’s just the beginning, these sweet girls have a lot of suffering in store for their new pain slut. This video should serve as a warning to wannabe slaves. Your new femdom goddess may look innocent, but that doesn’t mean she won’t happily torture you until you cry.

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