The Ball Kick Game

Looks like Molly and Andriana are playing the ball kick game. It’s a game of strategy and cunning, where the goal is to see who can send the slave to the floor by kicking his balls. Back and forth the girls go, each sending strong kicks to the slaves nuts but after a few rounds somehow he is still standing. Then Andriana finally delivers the killing blow, a swift kick that nails it’s target and bam, the slave hits the floor. We have a winner!

Worship Amy - Ignored

This clip is from our former Worship Amy website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Ignoring boys while they grovel for her attention is always fun for Amy. Watch, beg and grovel for any scraps of attention that Amy may throw your way, or maybe she will just ignore you completely.

She Packs A Punch

This tough slave can take some punches to the gut. Or can he? Pepper isn’t sure, but she is punching him there anyways. It’s good cardio for her, and it also helps toughen up her slaves in the process. His stomach turns all red from the hits and he takes them not too bad, but he does buckle over on occaision. Pepper sweetly coaxes him to take more and he straightens himself out and braces for more impact.

His Focus Is Her Ass

The slave is very focused right now. His view is obstructed by Sophie’s ass, and his entire life purpose is to lick between her ass cheeks. Her heels resting on his chest are incredibly painful as they dig into his flesh, but he re-purposes that pain into better ass licking performance to make sure Sophie is completely comfortable. Sophie meanwhile ignores him and watches TV.

Fuck Face

We just launched a new website dedicated to black women dominating their white slave boys,! This clip is taken from that website, so enjoy this sample and visit the site for more great femdom videos!

Dominant women tend to have ravenous sexual appetites. Not really surprising as they can get sexual satisfaction on demand from their slaves anytime they want. This slaves dick though is completely worthless, so instead they strap a dildo do his face and fuck it. The girls take turns, one rides his face while the other smacks his useless dick. They ultimately satisfy their sexual needs for the moment, and the slave gets nothing but a sore face.

Damn She Looks Hot

Nicole’s body is pure devastation. Toned, proportionate, perfect. Basically, it was designed expressly for male worship, service and adoration. In this case the slave serves her by being her couch. All her weight is plopped on the slaves face causing quite some stress in his eye socket area, but supporting her weight and granting her comfort is a privilege any of her slaves would endure much pain to win. Nicole takes it in stride as she sits back and relaxes while watching a movie.

My Girlfriend

Eva likes to share her pets with her girlfriends fairly regularly, in this case her good friend Cherry. Cherry often uses her friends slaves to get herself off by face grinding them, but here she is having her feet licked. The girls chit chat while his tongue performs, with Eva applying the whip as needed to keep him attentive. Occasionally Eva puts her foot forward to be licked as well, making the slave have to jump back and forth between licking two sets of feet. He performs well and it seems to put a smile on Cherry’s face, but that won’t save him from the whip.

Morning Ritual

‘Goddess your breakfast is ready’ the slave says as he quietly lets his sleeping owner know that he has prepared her morning food. Poor Sandy is still groggy as she wakes up, but her mornings always start with oral service so she points to her womanhood and the slave begins to lick. She lies back comfortably on her bed while her slave serves her, still yawning a bit as the poor thing is still a bit tired, but a quick cunnilingus pick-me-up always helps to get her going. Enough of that though as her slave has errands to do, so she tells him to get her coffee, pickup her dry cleaning, clean her car, but first bring her breakfast. The slave scurries off to fetch her food and prepare for the days chores, meanwhile Sandy lies back and catches a few more moments of sleep until her food arrives.

Ass Privilege

Every man knows that it’s a privilege to be under a woman’s ass. Of course with privilege comes pain, and this slave will have to endure shocks to his cock and balls if he will get to earn being under female ass. Lady Remedy Ann lies back comfortably with the remote control in her hand, while Miss Lavey keeps her ass close to the slaves face. With every press on the remote Lady Remedy Ann sends a painful shock to the slaves balls which make him gyrate in pain, but he endures it as we wants ass privilege. Finally after having suffered multiple painful shocks Miss Lavey rewards him by sitting on his face. Ahh some relief for the slave, but it’s short lived. She lifts her ass and Lady Remedy Ann begins shocking his cock and balls again. Over and over this goes, with the voltage level being increased each time making the slave endure more pain for ass reward. The girls find the slaves plight hilarious, fascinated by how much pain a man will endure just to be under a lady’s delicious round fleshy globes. But on and on it goes, torture and reward. The pain the slave took on this clip was incredible, but it was worth it to be under Miss Lavey’s perfect ass.

The Whip Test

We get so many emails about Jenna from guys that want to be her personal slave. You have to understand, for an uber milf like Jenna slaves come easy, she has an endless list of male pets to choose from. But to be taken as her personal pet a slave needs to be a cut above. He needs to demonstrate an eagerness to serve women daily, to be able to amuse them, and to be useful in other aspects of life such as being able to cook, give pedicures, professional massages, etc. This slave you have seen before in many of our videos, he is very experienced at serving and pampering women so he is a good candidate for Jenna. Here she is reading over his slavery contract and she has him sign it, a basic requirement if one is to be owned by Jenna. To celebrate the signing she whips him. Being whipped is a common thing in a female dominated arrangement, so it’s the perfect way to start his new status as her contract slave. Now he is hers to do with as she pleases, and Jenna is not one that is easy to please. Sure she definitely rewards good behavior as you will see in future videos, but with the slavery contract signed she now expects top performance and attentiveness from him at all times.

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