Face Sitting Competition

The girls like to play games with their boys sometimes, like trying to find out which one can hold their breath the longest. A face sitting competition is a perfect way to test that so Lady Remedy and Miss Lavey plop their asses on slave faces and begin the game. The slaves both perform valiantly but eventually one gives up, desperately sucking in fresh air after Lady Remedy lifts up her ass. This game however is best out of five so more face sitting is due. To sweeten the pot the ladies say the winner will get to lick dirty panties clean. Back and forth they go, sometimes the slave on the left winning, sometimes the slave on the right. Eventually a victor is declared and the lucky boy is rewarded as Lady Remedy takes off her panties and puts them in his mouth for him to suck on.

Destroy His Ego

There are different levels of slaves. Some are laborers that perform menial tasks so the girls don’t have to. Others are sex slaves that are kept in chastity and freed when the girls need their urges satisfied. Others are simply pigs. They clean filthy toilets, lick mud off their feet, and are there to be ridiculed and debased as the girls see fit. Like this slave, his purpose in their lives is to amuse them by accepting their abuse, and making sure their toilets are clean. Princess Parker owns this pig but she regularly lends him out to other girls such as Cadence and Ruby to use as they see fit. Right now they need to remind him of what a useless pig he really is since he once again forgot to clean the toilet, so they verbally cut him down and write all over him with lipstick. But if this pig thinks his apologies will be enough he is sadly mistaken.

Whip The Pain Pig

This clip immediately follows from the previous clip, where it

He Likes Stroking His Cock

500 Shocks

How bad does this man want to be Parker’s slave? Time to find out! With the ball shocker wrapped around his balls and the remote control safely in Parkers hand, she begins relentlessly torturing him by shocking him nonstop. I lost count of how many times she applied voltage to his balls, but damn it was many! She even makes him sing her songs while shocking him without pity. She finds his torment absolutely hilarious as she lies back in total comfort while enjoying his voltage induced dance.


It can be tricky sometimes to figure out why the girls do the things they do. Such as here where Sophie is sitting on a slaves face while she surfs the web. Why is she doing that? Who knows really, and I sure wasn’t about to question her.

Putting On Her Boots

Sure Tori could put on her own boots, but why bother when her pet will put them on for her. Instead she chats on the phone with a friend while he puts on two pairs of boots for her to see which she prefers. No gratitude for his work though, instead she kicks him away and tells him to get out of her sight once his chore is done.

Worship Amy - Life Under My Desk

This clip is from our former Worship Amy website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Men can’t seem to get enough of Amy’s panties. Well here you go, she put the camera under her desk while checking her emails. Enjoy the view, that’s as close as you’ll ever get!

What A Mess

It started off as a totally normal lunch, honestly it did! A typical femdom lunch where the girls eat comfortably at the table while they throw scraps on the floor for their slave to eat. Then things suddenly turned bizarre when Parker and Brooke instead decided to decorate the slave with food. They threw all manner of food on him, decorating him with salad, tomatoes and even ranch sauce. They even put ice cubes in his ass and stepped on food then made him eat it. What a total mess! Fortunately it’s not the girls that will be doing any of the cleanup, that’s a man

He Adores Her

This slave absolutely adores his owner, Ruby. He lives for her, suffers for her, pampers her, basically does and endures anything he can to please Ruby and make her life better. Ruby accepts his worship and adoration, and here she permits him the privilege of rubbing her feet while she snoozes. He’s already endured heavy torture at her hand as the whip marks all over his back demonstrate, so she permits him some worship as a reward.

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