Now That Was A Difficult Orgasm

Who the heck is this girl? Believe it or not it’s cute and sweet Parker who for some reason today feels like beating this slave silly with slaps and magazine hits to the head while he desperately tries to have an orgasm. She does eventually permit him to have an orgasm only to ruin it by pulling his hand away right as he climaxes. Not only has this slave had no pleasure this week, but he has a swollen face to nurse as well.

Femdom Couple Part 3

Bad boys end up over a girls knee, and Kyra’s personal slave is no exception. He did start to get a bit bratty while we were filming them so Kyra wasted no time in making his ass beet red. The spanking definitely starts to hurt after a while, but with his legs and arms dangling in the air there really isn’t much he can do about it. Next time he should think about being less of a brat.

Replacement Slave

Ruby is growing tired of the incessant whining from one of her slaves. If she wants to whip a man until he cries then he should be able to suffer and serve her as she desires. But one of her regular slaves has been too limited lately and it’s time he realizes that he is expendable. To make that point she brings in a new slave who she calls his replacement, and proceeds to whip this new slave to demonstrate that he is more willing to suffer for her than he is. It’s a fair warning to all slaves out there, perform well or you risk being replaced. These girls have an endless supply of men to choose from, they have no need for underperformers.

Holy Cow What An Ass


Bite Marks

Apparently it’s feeding time as Andriana and Molly begin to chew on their slave. He’s fairly docile as he has already been heavily whipped, but the pain of repeated bites from the two girls is still very intense. The girls take a bite, step back and admire their fresh bite marks, then repeat the process over and over again on the already heavily scarred slave. These girls are particularly sadistic, and now that they have a new pain pet they will have lots of fun with him.

Worship Amy - Smoking With My Friend Ruby

This clip is from our former Worship Amy website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Amy and Ruby look so cute just chillin and smoking, so why not film them? Ruby looks particularly cute with her fluffy adorable slippers, and the way she is sitting on the chair certainly helps excite the senses.

Backyard Smoking


Boys Are Useful

Who says boys are useless? Not at all, they do indeed serve a purpose in the lives of women in many ways. Here one devotes himself to Vanessa as her footrest and now his life

Repurpose The Pain

Apparently it’s pain day today, although someone forgot to let this slave know that. Not a problem, all he has to do is repurpose the whip pain that Tori inflicts on him and he’ll be ok.

An Ass To Live Under

It really is impossible to say enough good things about Brooke