Play With His Balls


Was A Long Day

It was a long and tiring day for Julie Simone, so much so that now she needs to unwind. She plops her ass onto a slaves face while he doubles as a drink holder as well, while another slave massages her feet. Meanwhile she eats snacks and relaxes while being tended to. A fine end to a tiring day!

Wearing Her Heel Marks

Wearing the heel marks of a woman is an honor and privilege, all slaves know this. Sure the pain while they are being inflicted is severe and this slave screams while Samantha tramples him in her pretty high heels. But the pain is totally worth it, as this slave will now have the honor of wearing her heel induced scars for weeks.

Full Service

Misti and Sandy enjoy full service, which in this case requires three slaves. Two slaves to massage Misti’s feet, and one to orally pleasure Sandy. The girls sit back and enjoy this full service while they talk about their day.

Do They Measure Up

Sometimes the girls just want to know, do their slaves measure up? Are they being served by boys or real men? Mostly though they just want to take the opportunity to ridicule the lesser endowed slave.

Feed The Pig

Pigs eat their food off the floor, and the same applies for this pig. The girls throw down scraps of food for him to eat, stepping on them and making the food all around disgusting before letting him ingest it. But he is a pig so he is grateful for any filthy scraps Ruby and Cadence throw his way.

Take Harmony

Harmony has no shortage of boys that are willing to endure any form of pain and humiliation just for the privilege of being at her side. This pet is enamored with Harmony and lives to please her, including accepting being slapped in the face repeatedly just to make his goddess happy.

She Claws

Is it worth pain to be under Delilah

Lick Spit Off My Legs

The ever gracious Vanessa hydrates her slave today with second hand water. She spits her saliva onto her leg and foot and lets him gobble up all that delicious slobber along with whatever sweat and dirt may still be there.

International Whipping