Dreaming Of Ass Worship

Sandy loves to snooze while getting her ass licked. It

Oral Needs


Oops, My Daughter Found Out


Cleaning His Plate

This slaves last meal was a delicious plate of salad mixed with Ruby

Second Hand Smoke

It doesn


Somewhere under Vanessa

You Live For My Legs

The natural state of a man is at the foot of a woman. So seeing this older respected gentleman on his knees adoring the legs of Andriana and Molly isn

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Lady Ice Queen and her daughter Princess are a very unique pair. Both are very beautiful, very sadistic, and very dominant. Having slaves at home for them is a normal thing, and they use and torture them with little pity. For a slave to be in the presence of these to ladies is a privilege that must be earned with their pain, and oh boy this slave has earned it as future clips will show. For now enjoy watching the ladies as they have a smoke, and alternate between dropping ash and spit into their pets mouth.

Shock The Monkey

Introductions are nice and all, but there comes a point in every woman

Massage Day

Uber milf Jenna sure has a rocking body, and that body needs frequent slave attention. Here the tired doll is lying down while her pet gives her a long hot stone massage. This goddess deserves all the pampering she gets.

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