Wherever you find Jagger and Rylie, you are also likely to find puppy nearby. They always keep puppy near their feet at all times in case they need him, or just to have him be furniture for them. Jagger sometimes has a short temper with him and yells at him when he spills some water on her, but the girls do love their puppy and take him everywhere they go.

Heel Kebab

You really have to be hardcore to be enslaved by Molly and Andrianna. That

Do You Love Me?

The question


When Lyla and Giselle watch TV they enjoy keeping a bound slave on the floor to lick their feet. No so much because they like having their feet licked but because they just enjoy degrading men. They make him lick the bottoms and even shove their toes deep into his mouth all the while watching TV while their chastity slave does his best to please his female owners.

Smoking Chair

Ruby is definitely a fan of objectification, and she frequently uses slaves as furniture just because she can. Especially when she enjoys a smoke, she loves nothing more than to use a slave

Kiss My Ass

As Nora and Sami get more accustomed to having their own slave, they begin to put him to various uses. They are both lying down chatting and reading some magazines so why not have their pet kiss their ass? Back and forth he goes from ass to ass, kissing the ass cheeks of his owners and being ever so grateful that the girls have decided to take him as their personal pet and plaything.

Post Orgasm Stroking

Mistress Fires loves controlling the male orgasm. Control the orgasm means control the male, it really is that simple. So even when she does finally permit her pets to have a climax she makes sure it involves some form of pain, humiliation or discomfort just so that they remember who is in charge and who they belong to. This pet will have to endure face slapping to get his climax, then have his spooge wiped on his face. But Mistress Fires is feeling a bit evil today and she knows how much this slave hates being stroked after he has already had his climax, so that

Their Feet Are Important

Dominant women can be very picky about foot worship. They want it often, they want it on demand and they want it done right. So while Lady Remedy and Miss Lavey talk about the pros and cons of slave ownership, they call over worm to lick their feet. Worm is a slave in training so he is still learning proper protocol when in the presence of a female. He makes many mistakes in the process of worshipping their feet and the ladies have to frequently correct him. For now they tolerate his mistakes because he is new, but he will have to get his act together quick or he will be discarded and replaced by another willing male pet.

Pretty Heel Marks

Those pretty black high heels Pepper is wearing sure do leave deep marks on slave skin. So much so that the slave is begging for mercy in no time, pleading with her to stop the pain.

Who Do You Serve?

Pandora is understandably proud of her relatively new status as slave owner, and she loves to show off her pets to her girlfriends any chance she gets. Diana and Dani are the latest girls in front of which she parades one of her favorite slaves, and while these new girls are surprised a bit at first it doesn