Bitches Line Up

The girls sometimes have to keep their bitches in line, to make sure they are operating at peak slave efficiency and to be sure they are worthy of being enslaved by then. Ruby and Eva like to put their pets through a mini slave Olympics, getting them to run around the pool, do jumping jacks, push-ups, etc, to make sure their fitness is still at an acceptable level. The girls supervise with their whips, making sure the slaves don

Just Chatting

From time to time Cadence and Misti like to just sit down, relax and have a chat. Since the slave has no tasks right now, Misti decides to just use his face as her chair while the girls catch up on the latest gossip. He loves the scent of her ass and happily fills his lungs with it while the girls totally ignore him, letting him to enjoy his reward of ass scent.

Katie Takes A Pet

Aww how cute, another man kneeling in front of Princess Katie begging to be her pet. Katie loves men like this because she can use and abuse them all she wants and they come back for more. She is particularly fond of the ball shocker because of how it makes men jump every time she applies voltage to their balls. So it begins as she mercilessly shocks his balls with no pity, making him earn the privilege of being her slave. He convulses in pain but continues to kiss her feet and beg to be hers.

Outdoor Snack

An outdoor snack on a nice day for Nora and Sami doesn

Four Heels

While four heels on a slaves back is certainly painful, it tends to be far more painful when those heels belong to Molly and Andriana. They are both fond of leaving marks on slaves and they make no hesitation in leaving their permanent heel scars on this slaves back.

Suffer For Katie Part 1

Make no mistake, Katie loves her slaves very much. She is a very affectionate slave owner and will frequently kiss and hug her adoring slaves. But she is a very sadistic girl and although it may seem odd, she very much enjoys torturing her slaves until they cry, while hugging and kissing them in the process. It

Suffer For Katie Part 2

After the severe whipping pain this slave endured for beautiful Katie, hearing her tell the slave to go to the couch sounds like he will get a reprieve from his suffering. But Katie

Smoking Blonde